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How to Create Unlimited Videos Without Ever appearing on Camera.

Adam Payne: ​

International Speaker, Owner of Video Marketing Insider and top Affiliate.


Phillip Borrowman - Taking Action Online

“Adam’s an honest, down to earth, fluff marketer”

Gabriel Jude - Owner at Videntics & Video Marketing 'Geek'

“He tells you as it is – A breath of fresh air. He does not affiliate products just for commissions.”

Trevor Emdon - The Wizard of Wisdom

“If you wanna know about video, and how to market using video, this is all you need.”

Hooda Kismet - The Dot Com Gal

“Video Marketing Insider is helping me rank videos on page 1.”

Jane Stevens

"Adam is one of the most genuinely helpful guys on the internet. He is knowledgeable with regard to many things regarding internet marketing but especially video marketing. He shares his knowledge and expertise willingly and has also put that expertise into his VMI product. He constantly improves that product and has over delivered by including many extras such as software. With Adam you know where you stand. He doesn't stand for bullshit and doesn't give it out either. What you see is what you get. He is well respected by many internet marketers who trust his no nonsense approach. "

Kevin Fahey

"When it comes to video marketing there's only one person I'll ever listen to and that's Adam Payne. His knowledge and experience when it comes to video rankings, production and most importantly actually earning from your efforts is unmatchable. When he talks, listen and pick up anything he's selling. You won't be disappointed. "With Adam you know where you stand. He doesn't stand for bullshit and doesn't give it out either. What you see is what you get. He is well respected by many internet marketers who trust his no nonsense approach. "

Krishna Prasanth

"Adam is one of the "Go to Marketers" when it comes to Video Marketing. No one can match his knowledge, work ethics, integrity, and honesty. He is a GEM in this IM niche, and he always walks the talk. I would say he is an Influencer who influences people rather than a Marketer."

Chris James

"Using one of Adam's earlier training courses, I made my first ever affiliate sale, with many to follow. Years passed, and as my path shifted from affiliate marketing to local marketing, Adam's training was more beneficial than ever before. The best thing I ever did online was associate myself with Adam and put his training into action. It's changed everything for me - even down to pitching and closing prospects."

Kathy Golden

"If you’re new to video marketing, you need to find someone who definitely knows the business and knows how to help you reach the goal you’re willing to work for. Adam Payne is that person. Before you spend any money with other video marketers, see what Adam has to offer. There’s so much junk out there sold by people who take your money and move on to peddling their next piece of junk. Adam provides detailed and extensive training in his VMI course, as well as creating targeted videos with other helpful information that are free. He does frequent live training to help with any question, and he's pretty much always around in his Facebook group to help with any questions. Give yourself a winning chance by starting out with Adam."With Adam you know where you stand. He doesn't stand for bullshit and doesn't give it out either. What you see is what you get. He is well respected by many internet marketers who trust his no nonsense approach. "

Trevor Emdon

"Adam, I’ve always appreciated your no-nonsense, jargon-free cut-to-the-chase style. I’ve probably learned more from you about video marketing than from anyone or anywhere else. Always grateful. Thanks from a fellow Brit!"

Julian Taylor

"I have been a subscriber to Adam Payne for a few years now. Everything he teaches is honest ethical, and spot on there is also A good deal of humour too. He is very responsive and helpful. He doesn't bombard you with offers from other marketers unless he uses the product and it works. Straight and honest opinions everytime. His products are brilliant, but like all things good in this business, you need to be prepared to put in some effort. Top Guy."

JayKay Dowdall

"I've been gong through Adam's courses about video ranking for almost a year and this guy is the real deal. I can attribute 5-figures to him single-handedly based on what I've learnt from his training. The quality speaks for itself"


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Create income-generating video sales scripts quickly and easily.

5 Minute Facebook Ad Formula

Discover the three secrets for creating high-converting video ads on Facebook.

Influencer Video Templates

Video templates designed to stand out in social media feeds and help your videos go viral.

21 Ways To Find Clients eBook

Discover how to start a profitable video agency from home.

Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint Pack

These templates are now responsible for over 7 BILLION video views!

Local Video Mastery

This is a guide on how you can make money by offering and pricing video services correctly to local businesses.

Calls to Action

Our CTA Pack can be used in any video editor and will help in getting tons more clicks.

Structuring Your Video Guide

Each successful video follows a simple pattern. This is revealed in this easy to apply guide.

790,000+ Storyblocks video clips

Unlimited access to over 790,000+ premium video clips.

Storyblocks Music Tracks

Unlimited access to over 30,000 Storyblocks music tracks.

‘How To Convert Your Smartphone Into A Pro Video Camera’ cheat sheet

Discover the exact mic and lighting system pros use.

Language Patterns to use

Get Attention with these language patterns taught by someone with an MA in Applied Linguistics. Me!

Youtube Playlist Mastery

Organize your videos into playlists and learn how to optimize them so they rank and bring in perpetual traffic.

Review Video Scripts

Buyers keywords are where the money is. Follow this review script to ensure you are turning your videos into conversion machines.

Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet

Discover 22 proven tips and tricks to lock in top rankings on YouTube

Interactive Checklist for Ranking Videos

Use this interactive checklist each time you upload a video so that you now exactly what you need to do to rank #1


Speaking on Stage in Tokyo, Japan

Teaching video marketing to high level entrepreneurs in Tokyo, Japan.

Students Getting Results

One of the best feelings is when students earn commissions through applying what they learn!

Monthly sales from a Few Platforms

A Mixture of affiliate promotions and selling my own courses all through video!

Monthly sales from a Few Platforms

A conversion rate of 111%!! Thee insane stats are only doable due to video and building trust.

Topping leaderboards at Will

Good for the ego too lol 🙂

Winning more affiliate competitions

This means I sold the most units and won the top prize to boot


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