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Embedinate Is A Powerful Platform For Getting Videos Massive Exposure Very Quickly While Saving Time... 

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Potential Of Embedinate
Every sale you generate throughout the funnels will earn you a 50% commission meaning a potential $47 per sale.

In addition, an extra $4.98 per month per sale is possible.

Given that we have a huge success rate in customer satisfaction and retention, you’ll be able to make a nice income.
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Get 50% commissions throughout the funnel promoting Embedinate. What is Embedinate? It’s a web-based app that allows the embedding of YouTube videos across multiple properties in one click. This saves massive amounts of time and helps the videos get more multi-dimensional traffic.
Embedinate Main Features
Automated Syndiction
It's not enough to simply publish a video and cross your fingers.

You need to ensure that your videos are getting the most amounts of targeted views possible and embedding them on other platforms is a key component.

This took time until Embedinate which allows you one click sharing across over 14 different platforms.

Immediate Exposure and higher rankings
Embedinate helps amplify and diversify your video exposure.

Get VOLUME from social media, and HIGHLY TARGETED audiences from authority content & web 2.0 sites.

Traffic from these platforms help increase your video search ranking naturally and long term. 
Multiple Recurring Income Sources - Commercial Usage Included
Embedinate increases exposure to your own videos and offers...

So you can generate more leads and earnings from monetized offers.

But you can ALSO use it to get similar results for clients.

There’s virtually unlimited demand for increasing video exposure and ranking... Many companies will gladly pay you a monthly retainer for your help.
Spy On Your Competitors 
Embedinate includes a spy tool that provides valuable intel on your competition.

Just enter the YouTube url of the video you’re interested in and click go.

The software shows which platforms that video is embedded on... So you can target the same traffic sources.

Plus you’ll be able to check out the video owner’s social pages, profiles and even content on blogging networks. 

Front End: $37 [50% commissions]

Embedinate is a web-based application that will save your users huge amounts of time by automating the video embedding process.

Embeds play an important in getting traffic to YouTube  videos plus are vital in Google video SEO.

They also help bounce rate as they mean people are inclined to stay on your website longer.

The sales page has a $9.97 trial for 7 day option.

The Gold plan allows users to connect 10 accounts [fro example, 10 Bloggers, 10 LinkedIns etc]

The trial and monthly option allows users to connect 1 account.

Pro: $57 [50% commissions]

With this upgrade, users will unlock the full power of Embedinate.

First of all, they will be able to connect 10 accounts which is perfect for more serious users.

They also get access to image sharing, tier 2 linking and Social ADR integration.
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The Fine Print
As an Affiliate you agree to the following:
The FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. As an affiliate or JV partner for ‘Embedinate’, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website – to ensure that your promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.

ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No “Is This a Scam?” and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated. You will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company. 
Also, if not removed immediately, we reserve the right to take legal action. 

Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but I still have the right to protect how my affiliate links are used. 

As an affiliate, if you purchase the product under your own link, we will VOID YOUR COMMISSIONS. 

Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions. All transactions will be monitored and automatically reviewed. If any sales transactions associated with your affiliate ID and/or account do not line up with the types of qualified sales most typically seen through normal traffic generation methods, our system will flag your account.  

This will trigger a manual review of your transactions, and if necessary your sites and traffic practices. Any questionable transactions will be investigated. We reserve the right to withhold payment of commissions until the review process is completed. If, after a manual review, any transactions are deemed questionable, any earned commissions on those transactions could be invalidated and you may not be paid for them. 

Affiliates are not permitted to use domain names containing any of Embedinate's brands to promote. For example, you may not use, because it has the term "Embedinate" in it, which is one of our brands. 

You may not give away any of OUR material (for example eBook or report) under any circumstances without prior written consent. (for example, you may not collect an email address in exchange for our eBook). 

Please make sure that your review/bonus site does not accidentally (or purposely) misrepresent as us in any way. 

This offer has been created by the applicable Vendor and not by PayKickstart. Accordingly, PayKickstart is not responsible for any information contained in the offer, including, but not limited to, any product information, promotions, incentives, expected returns or other information contained herein. In addition, PayKickstart is not responsible for any links to third party websites in conjunction with this offer. Such links do not imply any endorsement by PayKickstart of such websites or the content, products or services available from such websites. By clicking on or accessing a third party website listed, you acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites.
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