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"Adam, this VMI is awsome, I've just unsubscribed from all the crap and just stayed
with a few for updates etc. Well done mate."
Julian Taylor
Hey there...
Adam Payne here
Video Marketing Expert
You might know me from one of my video marketing training courses or you’ve seen one of my Youtube videos. 

I’m a video marketing maniac! 

I'd appreciate the opportunity, right now, to show you how to not only save... & make more money with all your video marketing efforts...  but importantly reclaim a serious chunk of your highly valuable time back!
I don't know about you, but I've never been a fan of having to spend a ridiculous amount of hours in front of my computer trying to decipher new video marketing tricks, master a skill better or stay ahead of the game.

We all only have so many hours in day, and you can't be wasting time on things that aren't pushing you forward FASTER. 
So let's skip over the guesswork,
and start getting you the results you deserve.
These days I am able to get so much more done (in way less time) and instead, spend serious quality time with my family or just plain ol' relax & enjoy life.

But before I saw any of this type of success, I spent a lot of time in the trenches. (Time away from my family, friends & watching my beloved Leyton Orient FC).

I was constantly worried about what would happen next.

And it's no wonder, considering that so much video marketing knowledge, tools and resources is all over the place, plus so much of it is just plain ol' horse sh*t & doesn't work.

Now, there's no doubt in my mind that eventually you'll be able to dig yourself out too & eventually figure out what's what... I just want to save you from the grief that you'll likely go through. 
That's why I'd like to invite you to join
my new Video Marketing Insider program!
Video Marketing Insider
Brings together all my very best training, knowledge, tools & resources (both current & future) under the roof of one slick membership site.
Now, I know what you're thinking... why would I care to release all my very best training, courses, knowledge, tools & resources in one membership area to you? It's simple.

I honestly, truly care about people and I absolutely hate seeing them spend their hard earnt dollars & waste their time on crappy products or courses that I know just plain ol' don't work.

The "internet marketing" industry is in a sad sorry state of affairs these days.

I know that's pretty blunt, but I'm a straight-to-the-point kinda person. 

And that's exactly what you can expect from your Video Marketing Insider membership too. No fluff, just results.
What You Will Learn
Video Marketing Insider Truly Has It All, And As Member You'll Gain A Massive Advantage With...
Access to all my past, current and future video marketing training. Nothing else to purchase! Nothing else is for sale.
The latest news, reviews and case studies of what's working right NOW. No more wasting your time second guessing or figuring things out on your own any longer.
A series of web-based softwares that will amplify all your video marketing efforts and that cannot be accessed anywhere else.
Tons of HD stock videos that are in almost every niche possible. Use them however you wish.
A private community with access to me and other likeminded folk.
Roadmaps that take you through every step needed to get to your goal.
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Ted Cook
Now to be honest with you, you could spend your time trying piecing together all these Video Marketing training courses, tools, resources, bits & pieces from around the web, just like I did when I started out.

Wasting countless hours and cash, madly scrambling, testing this and trying that. 

All on a hunch & a prayer that it's all going to "maybe workout".

Now don't worry. 

I'm going to save you some serious money today too...
In fact, I'm Even Going To Sweeten The Deal
So when you grab your Platinum membership to Video Marketing Insider today,
you'll also get some amazing bonuses completely free... 
RSS Feed Submitter
You can use RSS Feed Submitter to create 49 variants of your YouTube URL, use that to create your feed, then automatically ping those 49 variants so that the search engines are made aware of your new content.

In short, you can get a little rankings boost for 30 seconds work.
Automatically share your videos across multiple social networks and Web 2.0s for better Google Rankings.

Huge time saver and helps with Google Rankings too.
Tweet List Builder
Tweet List Builder software that imports the lists of big players in your niche and imports them to your Twitter profile.

Thousands of targeted prospects in seconds. 100% White hat too as it works through Twitter's API.
Vid Trendz
The Vid Trendz software allows you to scour Youtube for videos that are currently trending in your niche

You can see what are common themes among these videos and use this intel when making your own content.

Answer Them

Discover hot questions and threads on two massive authority sites: Quora & Reddit.

AnswerThem will save huge amounts of time finding topics in your niche for you add your videos and articles to for seo juice AND huge amounts of quality traffic back to your properties.
And Get Instant Access to these 5 Special Platinum Bonuses Only Available on This Page...
Ranker Map
This software is almost too hot to handle. 

In a few clicks you can have your video embedded in hundreds of Map locations.

Then, through Google Earth (A free app) you can extract the KML file and upload it to a number of cloud sites.

In minuted you'll not only have hundreds of maps pointing to your videos, but these will be spread across the cloud for maximum Google SEO juice.
View Spy
This underground software allows you to spy on any video and get real time data for your geographic location.

Get real time daily view counts on a video and channel level.

Use this intel to determine if the keyword you want to target is doable for you before you make the video and learn exactly what you need to do to beat it to #1 spot.
Secret Recording
Platinum Video Marketing Insider members can get access to a live training I did that showed exactly how to rank for almost any keyword. 

I revealed real life examples and showed a niche site that I created to capture the video traffic.

This recording was too valuable to leave open to everyone.

Pre-Sell Mastery
This advanced training shows how to take traffic from video into your world, by attracting the best possible customers towards you, and onto your email list or sales funnel.

This is by far the best ultimate customer acquisition system but few people do it as they are unaware of how.
Black Hat Control 
The term "black hat" originated in Western movies to distinguish the "bad guys" from the "good guys.

When it comes to ranking videos, like it or not, it works. The only issue is, you must know 'how' to do it so that it appears as white hat. Only then, will you be safe and that means NO software.

Use this method at your own risk. 
Plus You Will Have The Exact Roadmaps To Follow
To Achieve Video Mastery
Our roadmaps provide you with a clear path to success. Once you know the 'exact' steps to take and in which order, your life will become much easier and you will not face overwhelm or confusion
  • ​Complete Beginners Roadmap
  • YouTube Channel Creation Roadmap
  • Affiliate Mastery Roadmap
  • Local Ranking Blueprint Roadmap
  • Video SEO mastery Roadmap
  • ​Social Domination Roadmap
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Trevor Emdon is the author of "How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Quit Your Day Job" (endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale) and an NLP master.
Trevor Emdon
Gabriel is a YouTube Ads Expert and long time video marketer and entrepreneur. He created the 'Entrepreneur Mind'.
Gabriel Jude
Hooda is a traveler, expert blogger at the 'dotcomgal' and digital entrepreneur who loves to cook! 
Hooda Kismet
Rashid is a digital entrepreneur based in the UK who specializes in product reviews.
Rashid Isfhan
Philip is a full-time course creator and online coach based in Scotland.
Philip Borrowman
Now I should warn you... There is a catch on securing your Video Marketing Insider membership. 

I honestly can't keep all the bonuses & the pricing at the current deal you see here today.
I know that puts a lot of pressure on you, so I'm going to make your decision extremely simple.
You can grab your Video Marketing Insider membership today, try it out.

And if for some reason you don't achieve the results I'm promising you today, you're completely covered by my 30 day money back guarantee.
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So do current members. Look at some unsolicited feedback.
Just joined VMI and wanted to share my initial thoughts, having only scratched the surface. It's bloody good. Well laid out and plenty of good information. Several sections justify the investment by themselves. (And Adam has not asked me for any comment, BTW.) Seriously, if you are thinking about it, then do it. Don't miss the boat.
Sam Oxley
Bought VMI today so I didn't miss out on the live training from last night. I was not disappointed - just watched it and now my head is buzzing with ideas. I have had a brief look around the member area of VMI and Adam Payne has definitely over delivered. I seriously encourage you to get off the fence and buy VMI if you are serious about video marketing.
Jane Stevens
I've been gong through Adam's courses about video ranking for almost a year and this guy is the real deal. I can attribute 5-figures to him single-handedly based on what I've learnt from his training. The quality speaks for itself
JayKay Dowdall
Video Marketing Insider Investment
Billed once
  • Access to 100% of video tutorials
  • Access to the Community
  •  Access to 7 Web based softwares
  • Presell Mastery
  • Access to all the Roadmaps
  • Access to all the HD Stock Videos
  • The Secret Recording
  • Skype Call
  • Underground View Spy Software
  • Ranker Map Software

One last thing before we wrap up today... I just want to say something right now because I know a lot of you are thinking this.. It really doesn't matter to me if you grab this special deal today. 

Just know that the prices you see here today will be gradually increased over the coming months. 

Those who know me know that I do not mess about with fake scarcity

And, whether you make this investment and join Video Marketing Insider, or not, it will have zero impact on the quality of my life.  

I'm not going to eat anything different tonight for dinner, I'm not going to change the way I dress nor what I drive. 

The difference however is this investment... could mean everything for you. I'm not going to notice whether you buy or not.  

It won't change the quality of my life at all, but if you buy it's going to change the quality of your life. I need you to really understand that. This is not about me, this is about you.  

That's why I created Video Marketing Insider, because I want to help and I want to serve you.

Thanks for listening & I look forward to seeing you inside the members area :)
Adam Payne
Video Marketing Expert
And as I Give a FAQ!
  • What Exactly is the Video Marketing Insider?
A complete video marketing encyclopedia full of over the shoulder trainings, softwares, HD stock videos, roadmaps and a community to support each other.
    • Is it Suitable for a Newbie?
    Yes. My background is in teaching so I make this as easy as possible. When you are new, things take a little longer like with anything but the key point in perseverance.
    • Are there any upgrades?
    NO. There is nothing else to purchase. Everything will be instantly available to you. 

    In addition, no content is drip fed. It's all there from day 1.
      • How Long Will This Take to Work?
      This question is impossible to answer as I don't know your work ethic, experience, and skillset. No one can tell you the answer to this question. It does work though and I use this stuff everyday myself.
      • Do the Softwares work on a MAC and PC?
      Yes. All the softwares are web based so no worries there.
          • How do I get started?
          Click on the get started button below.
          Video Marketing Insider Investment
          Billed once
          • Access to 100% of video tutorials
          • Access to the Community
          •  Access to 7 Web based softwares
          • Presell Mastery
          • Access to all the Roadmaps
          • Access to all the HD Stock Videos
          • The Secret Recording
          • Skype Call
          • Underground View Spy Software
          • Ranker Map Software
          PS… There is NOTHING to hide. I reserve the right to increase the price at any point. And I will :-)

          PPS... Questions? Comments? Need Support? Please send an email to: [email protected]
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