9 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video

How to Promote your YouTube video

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Finally, your video is out there.

On YouTube! 

But it’s been a while and no one (apart from 10% of your WhatsApp contacts who received a link) has watched it yet.

You’re not going viral, or at least, getting comments from viewers you don’t know personally. 

Well, first, let me reassure you that your video has not failed.

300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Including yours.

It’s easy for content to get lost in the noise.

But there are many ways you can prevent your video from falling into the YouTube void. 

In this article, we will be showing you how to get your videos to the top pages of your target viewers. 

9 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video

 1. Rework your video title

Like shoes, your video titles will only get noticed when they’re fancy.

An interesting video title attracts more views, shares and like across the Internet.

Getting this right is very important for your brand and business.

So if you need to change your title after uploading, do it. 

To start, run a simple YouTube keyword search.


Because it shows you what your viewers are interested in.

Since viewers use specific keywords to enhance their search, you can craft the perfect YouTube video title around these keywords.

Here’s are some key things to consider when crafting your title: 

  • Keep it short. Your point could be lost with a too-long title.
  • Make it attention-grabbing
  • Use words that trigger emotions, such as excited, shocked, e.t.c.
  • Intrigue. This always works to get the click
  • Add the keywords at the beginning of your YouTube video title.
  • People like numbers 3 ways to…
  • Include dates e.g. “Business Marketing Strategies for 2020!” reads as more relevant than “Business Marketing Strategies”. 

2. Create a blog for your YouTube channel

Data from Optinmonster shows that 77% of internet users read blogs.

This offers you an easy (and free) channel for attracting viewers to your YouTube channel.

You can build an audience using your blog, and redirect them to your YouTube channel when there’s a new upload. 

Your blog can also be used solely to build SEO that can be redirected to the YouTube channel.

Whenever you upload a new video to YouTube, upload a corresponding blog post using all the best SEO tactics you know.

This combined effort should mean combined rankings, offering your content better visibility.

Ensure that you use a video-friendly blog theme to make your video thumbnails attention-grabbing and clickable. 

3. Share your videos on other social media platforms

Connect with a wider community of internet users by sharing your YouTube videos on other social media channels.

Take advantage of the social presence your brand may have built and share the videos across your platforms.

You can also encourage your team members to share the videos on their socials. 

Another helpful strategy is to encourage your viewers to share your videos.

Some clever creators and businesses use a successful strategy to achieve this type of organic reach.

They encourage their viewers to leave comments or answer questions on the brand’s social media pages.

These comments are then mentioned and discussed in the next video.

People are usually excited to be mentioned or to have their questions answered by brands.

So what do they do?

They share the video to their social media followers and ask them to go watch.

Finding a unique way to apply this to your content strategy could help boost your YouTube video. 

Promote Your YouTube Video

4. Replace your custom thumbnail

Your thumbnail contributes significantly to a viewer’s first impression of your content.

Use a thumbnail from the most interesting scene in your video.

You want that one shot that captures the essence of the video.

If there’s nothing too exciting in the video, you can use visual elements such as words, emojis, and illustrations to amp the appeal. 

Also, remember:

  • Be honest. Your custom thumbnail should reflect what’s in your video.
  • Optimize your thumbnail to look great when displayed on mobile. 

5. Organize your YouTube playlist

The more content you upload to your YouTube channel, the easier it becomes for viewers to become overwhelmed.

Sort your videos into categories to make them easier to find.

This gives viewers a better experience and easier access.

And when users can find your videos easily, watch time should improve. 

Consider Evernote’s YouTube channel

Evernote is a note-taking and task management tool.

When you look at their YouTube playlist, they’ve sectioned their video content into specific categories.

From ‘Evernote Tutorials’ to ‘Mac Tutorials’ specifically targeted at Mac users.

These playlists not only save the viewer’s time but show them that there’s a lot more content they may like to watch. 

After creating your playlists, take the time to sort past uploads into the right categories. 

6. Leverage the power of Facebook advertising

Facebook ads also provide a viable channel to promote your brand’s YouTube channel.

However, it’s important to reserve your ad spend for videos with serious conversion goals.

For example, if you’re trying to build brand engagement, gain views and subscribers, launch a new product or service, or any other measurable goal you may have, then ads could be worth investing into. 

When it comes to ads, Facebook is one of the best choices because of its large audience and robust advertising platform.

Facebook records over 2.7 billion active users monthly, making it the most visited social media platform.

Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

We expect that your target audience could make up a small fraction of that number. 

To promote a video using Facebook ads, it’s important to stay targeted about the audience you want to reach.

Apply everything you know about them (i.e. audience persona) when setting up your Audience Manager.

This way, your ad spend isn’t wasted on people who would usually not be interested in your content. 

7. Keep making (better) content

New videos drive views back to old ones.

When viewers find a video that they enjoy or that solves their need, they’re more inclined to search for other content from the same channel.

Which makes the combination of patience and effort very important in building a YouTube channel.

Consistently update your video content calendar and work on new videos.?

8. Take Advantage of Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are way to ‘guarantee’ you get top spot for any search term.

They also allow you to attach your videos to popular ones in your niche in the hope of getting clicks and views.

This video shows you how to set these ads up from start to finish


9. Bonus Tip

YouTube allows creators to see the average session duration on their videos.

This means how long someone spends watching your video before they leave.

If your session duration is short with a high bounce rate, one of the many causes could be unnecessarily long videos. 

To fix this, consider trimming your video.

Yes, you can edit a video after uploading it to YouTube without losing your views and link.  

Here’s how to edit your YouTube

video length after publishing: 

  • Log into your YouTube account and open the Creator Studio. 
  • Select the ‘Videos’ tab from the menu on the left and select the thumbnail on the video you choose to edit. 
  • Select ‘Editor’ from the left-side menu
  • Once you’ve loaded the YouTube editor, you can start trimming from either end of the video. This is where your video editing skills come in. The interface provided by YouTube is similar to any other video editing interface, so it’s easy to work with.
Promote Your YouTube Video

You can also edit multiple parts of a video using this same process.

Once you’re done with your edits, click ‘Save’ to view your edited video, and save.

YouTube will seamlessly update your published video with the new version. 

Anyone watching your video at that moment will not be interrupted.

The whole replacement process could take up to a few hours before the video is updated. 


Except for viral videos, most successful YouTube videos have a network of promotional efforts behind them.

On a platform with billions of hours of content, you need to be intentional about boosting the visibility of your YouTube videos.

And if you’ve published a currently unsuccessful video, the tips above should help you achieve better reach, views, and channel subscriptions.

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  1. Albertus V says:

    Thanks for this, Discovery Ads was an eye-opener for me, I’ll definitely try it out.

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Thanks Albertus.

  2. Art Howard says:

    Hey Adam, great tips. I knew you could edit out parts of an already published video, but… Can you update an outdated video by adding in new parts or information using their editor as well?

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Art. Thanks.

      Unfortunately now. The current editor is very limited.

  3. Tim O says:

    Good ideas, Adam.
    Polishing work that has already been uploaded would be quicker than creating new material too.

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Cheers Tim

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