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Sick and tired of seeing everyone else crush it with Affiliate Marketing, but not you?
"As soon as you open your Mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity, practically fly of their hinges"
Jay Abraham
  • A-Z of Affiliate marketing different from how you've been taught before
  • Works in any niche
  • 30 + Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos
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People Love The Affiliate Oracle! YOU Will Love it Too...

Logan Badger

I got "The Affiliate Oracle" from Adam and went through every bit of it (and it took me close to 2 hours or more) your mileage may vary. It is very precise and gives you points of reference as far as choosing the right products (some are free) and also the right order to put them in place. It also recommends the correct ones that do the job correctly, and it will save you many hours of headaches.

Stuart Stirling

Top work again Adam! Any new-comer to affiliate marketing who is looking for a simple, proven method will love your Affiliate Oracle course. 

Everything is laid out in a very easy-to-follow fashion. The best $27 a new affiliate marketer could spend!

Garry Baker

Before I got access and went thru Adam’s “The Affiliate Oracle”, I thought here we go again another training on how to do “affiliate marketing” … I said to myself, “why bother with another one because it’s all be said before on this subject…”

And guess what that’s true it has all been said, but not by Adam and not with his approach which you will discover quickly is a bit different … and unique … and works, because he does this stuff for a living…

It’s already shown me a few things I didn’t know and changed my mind on a few things I thought I knew. 

I wrote this testimonial, so you too can experience this refreshing take, not to mention detailed case study on how to do and be successful at affiliate marketing…

Ted Cook

If you want to create an affiliate marketing business that can grow more and more successful the longer you work at it, the most important hurdle you have to overcome is building "trust" in the minds of your audience. 

I've bought several courses and products through Adam over the past few years now. Why?

Because I trust him. He took the time to build trust with me (and his other customers)...

I don't always buy, but I ALWAYS take a look when Adam recommends something. Isn't that exactly the type of influence you want to have with your audience?

And in The Affiliate Oracle, he'll share why and how to do that in your own affiliate business as well.
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Adam Payne
Nagoya, Central Japan

Yes, here you are on another sales page where someone (me) is going to try and get you to buy something.

Did I just admit that?

What is different though, is that if you can sacrifice just 2 minutes of your life to read this page, you might just learn something that can make this a highly profitable year..

And If that’s too long for you to focus, then this probably is not for you anyway, here’s the link for Netflix.
As humans we lean towards the hacks, the secrets & the loopholes, over fundamental strategies.

We all get caught up in buzz words like 'viral', 'autopilot' and 'push button riches'.

But in the back of our minds, we know no such things exist...

This doesn't stop product creators from praying on our vulnerabilities with incessant launches promising a 'quick fix'.

The promise of easy and fast over the hard and slow is hard to resist.
Product Launchers Got You Figured Out
So many people want a 6-figure business as quickly as possible.

And to get one, the only way they know how, is to create something from thin air and package it up as the next best thing.

Get their friends to say it's wonderful and bingo. 

It's a top seller.

Only thing is...

They Win....But You Lose!

You, the dear customer are forgotten (until the next launch that is).

And so the cycle continues until they see the light, or you do.

You wanna be like them?

You'll need to do one of two things to get into the hallowed “circle jerk" club.

1. Put your ethics to the side

2. Create/promote trash (or both)

But I can proudly say I’m not a member of that club.

Here’s what I personally chose instead:
Deliver as much value as possible first and build a small AUDIENCE...
Leave the 'same old folk' to run launches and treat you as a number.

And do the complete opposite.


People respect being treated well and not like $ signs.

I’m no one special.

I’ve done a few things right (and a lot wrong).

Made Tons of mistakes along the way.

But, I've been able to leave my full-time teaching job doing this and sleep well at night.
All Without
  • A huge list (My list is super small but responsive & laser targeted)
  • Big Product Launches - Smaller internal ones are much more profitable
  • Kissing up to other markers. You should live life on YOUR terms
  • Being overwhelmed. Outsource what you are not good at
Want to See Some Results That Are Actually Mine and Not Photoshopped?
$67,987  Profit on One Platform so far this year

This was achieved with virtually zero help and just a small list of 4000. Almost ALL of  it is recurring!
Small Lists Big Profits
All from one promotion and to a tiny sized email list. This case study is included inside of The Affiliate Oracle. Sales conversions of 77% are unheard of for most.
Helping Others

Carsten is now making regular commissions following my training. That's always a nice feeling.

Oh, He also made an extra $750 too.
Winning Affiliate Contests
You do not need to launch products nor have a huge list to win prizes if you follow the methodology I teach.
Spending Money

I did here EXACTLY what I teach inside the training. A few emails and boom; $4,389 for one small promotion.
How You Can Do This is All Taught Inside:
A Different Way of Approaching Affiliate Marketing
Targeted Lists
What Struggling Wannabees do:
  • Buy short term hacks and loopholes
  • Try to do everything by themselves
  • Choose easy over hard & fast over slow
  • Feel Overwhelmed
  • Treat things like a hobby
  • ​Lack focus
What Affiliate Oracle People Do:
  • Invest in themselves
  • Outsource what they cannot do
  • Are committed and consistent
  • Get brilliant at one thing
  • Treat things like a business
  • ​Have Laser like focus
This is the difference between a hobby and predictable life changing revenue.

The way The Affiliate Oracle teaches is NOT sexy. 

It’s not fancy.

There are no crazy funnels or complicated tech.

It’s based on age old principles.

That used to work, still work and will work 10 years from now.

Because it is based on trust and being a genuine person
An emphasis on delivering real, sustained value over time to a group of customers you care about.
When You Secure Your Copy TODAY, You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses Completely FREE…
Bonus #1
 Crafting Facebook Profit Group
This bonus video will take you through how to successfully run a Facebook group that helps build trust with your audience. Done right it's so powerful
Value: No Random Value Assigned
Bonus #2
Get My 5 Figure
Case Study
This advanced video training will reveal a case study where I came 3rd in a huge JV competition. Unlike others who teamed up, I did it alone bringing in $10,186 and promoted to a TINY list.
Value: No Random value assigned
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And as I Give a FAQ!
What Exactly is the Affiliate Oracle?
A step by step guide showing you how to build an audience of people that get to know like, trust and then buy from you. We are not making money 'from' people. We are providing REAL solutions to REAL problems and getting paid for it.
Are there any upgrades? 
Yes. You will be shown 2. That's right, I'm telling you here. There is nothing to hide. They are both congruent and will help you speed up results but not necessary to your end success.
What is your favourite fruit?
Raspberries. Nothing even comes close.
Is it Suitable for a Newbie?
Yes. My background is in teaching so I make this as easy as possible. When you are new, things take a little longer like with anything but the key point in perseverance.
How Long Will This Take to Work?
This question is impossible to answer as I don't know your work ethic, experience, and skillset. No one can tell you the answer to this question. It does work though and I use this stuff everyday myself.
 How do I get Started?
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