Last updated on August 27, 2020

Get more traffic with video

I help entrepreneurs eliminate overwhelm and replace it with a crystal-clear roadmap.

Eliminate Overwhelm by Tapping into Video

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of having to spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of my computer trying to decipher new video marketing tricks, master a skill better or stay ahead of the game

We all only have so many hours in a day, and you can’t be wasting time on things that aren’t pushing you forward FASTER. 

And it’s no wonder, considering that so much video marketing knowledge, tools and resources is all over the place, plus so much of it is just plain ol’ horse sh*t & doesn’t work.

Now, there’s no doubt in my mind that eventually you’ll be able to dig yourself out too & eventually figure out what’s what… I just want to save you from the grief that you’ll likely go through. 

So let’s skip over the guesswork, and start getting you the results you deserve.

Look, I’m a straight to the point kinda person. 

And that’s exactly what you can expect here. 

No sugarcoating or treading eggshells.

How Video Marketing Insider Started

Back in September 2015, I spoke on stage in Tokyo on the topic of Video Marketing.  

The two biggest takeaways people had were: 

  • That you never actually ‘need’ to be on camera.
  • Video marketing means becoming the hunted.

Let’s think about that second point.

People are actively looking for solutions to their problems on Google and YouTube.

Once you know exactly what they are looking for, and how to get your content in front of them, 90% of the battle is won.

You go from trying to find prospects to actually being the hunted.

So, I decided to see if I could turn this laser targeted traffic (the people in my niche looking for solutions to problems into an ROI 

And from small yet targeted lists built from video traffic, I began to see results:

Since then, I have shared these techniques plus much more with my Video Marketing Insiders.

Many of them have implemented my training and gotten results in all sorts of niches.

Bloggers, e-com store owners, product creators, local marketers, affiliates, this works for all. 

What Our Students Are Saying:

Using one of Adam's courses I made my first ever affiliate sale, with many more to follow. The best thing I ever did was to associate myself to Adam and put his training into action. It's changed everything for me, down to pitching and closing prospects.
Chris James
I've been going through Adam's courses about video ranking for almost a year and this guy is the real deal. I can attribute 5-figures to him single-handedly based on what I've learnt from his training, The quality speaks for it self.
JayKay Dowdall

With Our Free Roadmap & Free Class You’ll Learn:

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  • How we never run out of ideas for content
  • The simple traffic flow to get your first 1000 true fans
  • How simple review videos earn us 5 figures each month and how you can tap into this…

Plus, you’ll have a chance to get a BONUS: Video upgrade interactive checklist…

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