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YouTube algorithm

YouTube’s algorithm is a real-time feedback loop. It decides which videos to suggest to viewers based on their interests and what they have been watching….

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YouTube Monetization Guidelines

The guidelines for the YouTube Partner Program are constantly changing. And every YouTube creator must follow these changes closely. Beyond access to support, creators also…

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YouTube’s algorithm is a real-time feedback loop.

It decides which videos to suggest to viewers based on their interests and what they have been watching.

YouTube takes note of what these users engage in, what keeps them occupied, and recommends similar videos based on the statistics.

As a YouTube creator, the algorithm is something you should take special note of.

Understanding how it works is vital to having your videos ranked highly and getting engagements as well. 

How the YouTube Algorithm works in 2021

More importantly, the algorithm is ever-changing.

As long as both creators and viewers keep feeding the YouTube system with data, it will continue to learn and adapt.

A big part of your job is to do the same.

In this article we will discuss how the YT algorithm works in 2021 and what this means for YouTube creators.

YouTube algorithm 2021- Average Standards

YouTube algorithm


  • Ensure your watch time is above 50%.

For a really long time, YouTube promoted videos based on how many times they got clicked on rather than how engaged they kept viewers.

However, that has changed somewhat.

If a video’s watch time is low, YouTube will automatically show it less. 

YouTube’s algorithm gives prominence to videos that have a significantly higher watch time.

If you have a watch time that is generally over 50%, it sends the message to the algorithm that viewers find your videos interesting, and will spend more time watching them.

This will make the algorithm recommend your videos to more people with similar interests.

Here are a couple of ways to increase a video’s watch time.

What Can You do?

  • As a YouTube creator, your video will need to capture the attention of your viewers for as long as possible.

To achieve this, your videos will have to contain as much information as is needed to cover its topic, while being as short as possible.



You would not want to have a video with 15-20 minutes of content just because it is the norm.

Ensure your videos follow structured guidelines, or even write a script.

This way, your video contains all the necessary information and does not have to be too long. 

This makes the video a lot more interesting and holds the viewer’s attention for longer.

  • Increase your click-through rate.

Your click-through rate refers to the rate at which users click on your video whenever it is displayed on a page along with other similar options.

Click through rate


About 50% of YouTube channels have a clickthrough rate between 2-10%.

If you can get your numbers to the higher end of that scale and beyond, you will make the algorithm work for you and have your videos recommended to a larger audience.

There are a couple of ways to improve your click-through rate. 

Colours like dark red, cream and white generally blend in with YouTube’s aesthetics, and these colours are often used by YouTube creators.

You would want to use colours that directly contrast to these so that viewers will be drawn to click on the video.

YouTube Thumbnail


  • Use an attractive title

What do viewers stand to gain from watching your video?

Draw them in with your title.

A lot of YouTube creators make use of clickbait, but the updated YouTube policies are cranking down on videos like this.

Instead, you could use a title that answers a particular question, adds value and impacts on the viewer.

Adding numbers, dates and square brackets also helps.

Emojis also help, but do not overdo it.

  • Monitor your post velocity

YouTube monitors the first 24 hours of your video to see how much engagement you rack up.

Understanding YouTube Analytics


It then shows your video to more people based on how well your video does during that period.

This is because more engagement sends the message to the algorithm that your video is more engaging.

And YouTube wants people to spend more time on their platform. 

What does this mean for you?

You will have to ensure that your video gets as much traction as possible during the first 24 hours after posting.

Doing this will prompt the algorithm to recommend your video to more people.

You can increase your engagement within the first 24 hours by sharing across your various social media channels.

  • Consider what your audience wants

YouTube does not rank videos solely based on how good they are in reality, the algorithm is interested in what keeps users glued to their screens.



You may have to study content trends and statistics from creators who have high rankings so as to tailor your content to suit the audience and in turn drive up your engagements.

Here are some tips

  • Pay close attention to your past videos

Monitor the rate of engagements you get on your videos.

If you notice a trend that suggests that some videos are more appealing to the audience than others, find a way to implement it in future videos.

The YouTube algorithm also recommends videos to viewers based on what they have liked in the past, you could use this in your favour.

  • Publish frequently

YouTube also gives preference to creators who are active on the platform.

For this reason, try not to go long periods without posting and engaging content from other people.

  • Post at times when your audience is likely to engage

Use your analytics to determine an optimum time for making your videos public.

This way, the viewers actually click on your video when they get the notification. 

  • Engage and grow your YouTube community

Reply to comments, talk and engage opinions from your audience.

If it is possible, hold meaningful conversations.

meaningful conversations

Extra YouTube Algorithm Considerations

  • Channel authority

A channel with no subs will struggle to  survive no matter what.

While subscriber count is a vanity metric, if you are able to generate a decent  following, you will get more views.

This helps your SEO which in turn helps you get exposure.

  • Off-platform efforts

Embedding videos on other websites can increase the number of views.

These are counted by YouTube.

Some of the channels mentioned here have a huge subscriber base despite most of their promotional efforts being on places like Facebook.


While it may seem like a lot of work to understand and work with the YouTube algorithm, it is mandatory that you do.

YouTube rankings are determined by its algorithm 70% of the time.

Having the algorithm on your side places the odds in your favour.

The YouTube algorithm gets adjusted frequently, so you will want to keep yourself updated on the latest trends and regulations.

Also, bear in mind that all the work and planning will be in vain if you fail to keep to the rules and end up losing all your hard work.

 Protection Status

The guidelines for the YouTube Partner Program are constantly changing.

And every YouTube creator must follow these changes closely.

Beyond access to support, creators also need this partnership to earn revenue from ads displayed over their videos through monetization.

It is not uncommon to see YouTube channels get terminated as a result of violating their policies.

Since September 2020, YouTube has terminated over 8,000 channels for this reason [1] and will continue to do so.

So, if you want to keep creating and earning from YouTube, you will have to follow their terms of service.

In this article, we will consider some important guidelines you need to bear in mind regarding creating on YouTube and monetization of your videos.

YouTube Monetization Guidelines

Important 2021 YouTube Monetization Guidelines

Let’s have a look at some of the 2021 guidelines for YouTube monetization and see what they mean for your channel.

To monetize on youtube, your content has to align with all their policies.

Let’s have a look at some of these policies.

YouTube videos cannot contain any claims that the 2020 US presidential elections were rigged.

This means that any video that suggests voter fraud or that a candidate won due to counting errors or software glitches will be erased.

They’ll be marked as a violation by that channel.

Fake engagement tactics are strictly prohibited.

Practices such as exchanging subscriptions or hosting giveaways to get people to subscribe to your channel and grow your audience are no longer acceptable.

If your call-to-action for a giveaway outrightly states or suggests that you want to get subscribers, it would be a violation of YouTube’s fake engagement policy.

Having over 1,000 subscribers does not necessarily mean that you will be verified as a YouTube creator.

YouTube has added a few more requirements for content creators looking to get verified.

Here are the new criteria for YouTube verification:

YouTube must confirm that you are an actual person or public figure.

In other words, you must pass the authenticity test. 

A few extras:

Your channel should not be similar to popular YouTube channels.

Also, your channel must have a description, icon, as well as content that is actively sought out on YouTube.

 If your channel meets those requirements, you can go ahead to apply for verification.

  • Your YouTube thumbnail should not be misleading.

Quite often, YouTube creators use their video title and thumbnail to pique the interest of viewers and rack up views.

While in itself, there is nothing wrong with this, the problem comes when your thumbnail advertises something that is not in the video.

And also, the more obvious restriction on thumbnails with violent or pornographic images will continue to be enforced.

  • YouTube channels marked as ‘child friendly’ will no longer be allowed to host any form of adult-related content.

Some new child-related privacy laws are being enforced.

The reason is that Google and YouTube are forced to pay 170 million dollars for allegedly violating child privacy laws in 2019.

[2] Here is what this means for YouTube creators:

As a YouTube creator, you will have to clearly state the age range of your target audience. 

Already existing videos will need to be reviewed and marked either kid-friendly or otherwise.

Content for children?

When you tick the box that indicates that a video is for children, it prevents YouTube from displaying personalized ads over them.

Kids content

You will have to tick this box for all existing videos on your channel, no matter how many.

There is some obscurity as to what defines a kid-directed video.

YouTube defines it as a video suitable for children 13 years and above.

As a YouTube creator, this is an area where you will have to tread carefully and keep researching to stay updated.

If your video is targeted towards children while containing content unsuitable for kids, you might have to pay a fine of up to $42,530.

The same goes for videos that are marked as containing mature content, but YouTube considers kid-friendly.

Also, you might have to pay fines if your video is animated but contains mature content or themes.

Seeing as revenue onYouTube comes from ads, as a YouTube creator, you will have to decide whether to stop creating kid-friendly content or not.

Security guidelines

  • Ensure you have 2-step verification enabled on your google account.

This means that your account should be protected with both a password and an additional account.

Failure to do this will result in a delay in having your application reviewed.

2 step verification

Your channels must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours.

This threshold exists because YouTube needs to know that your channel offers enough valuable content before you gain access to monetize your videos.

Only after meeting this requirement can you apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

Once you meet the threshold, sign the YouTube Partner Program terms.

You can set a reminder if you want to be notified when you meet that threshold. 

Ensure that you do not have more than one AdSense account.

Naturally, to get paid you would need to set up an account with google ads.

You should not have more than one and it should be connected to your YouTube account.

After signing the terms of use for the YouTube Partner Program and linking your AdSense account, your application will be put in a queue for review.

If your application is accepted, you can start earning.

However, if your application gets rejected, you can review your channel for any violations.

Then you can submit another application in 30 days.

If your channel has not uploaded new content in 6 months or more, there is a possibility that monetization may be disabled.

How to Create a YouTube Channel


The YouTube Partner Program keeps expanding.

So support is focused on creators who are active and engage regularly with the community.

A Side Thought

So many people view YouTube monetization as the holy grail This is something that personally, I have never understood. Click To Tweet

There are many other ways to make money from YouTube:




To my mind all of these are better than monetization.

In fact, unless you have a super huge channel, you’ll make less from monetization and it will disrupt the viewers experience.

So think wisely before you make this your goal.


YouTube can be an amazing platform for video content sharing.

But it cannot be overemphasized that you need to be very mindful regarding their policies and guidelines so as not to violate any.

Also, YouTube policies are constantly changing and as such you need to keep up with your research to stay abreast with the current trends.


One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How can I take advantage of YouTube?

I want to set up a channel.

I want to make some videos without appearing on camera.”

A lot of people are just shy.

People are worried about how they look, how they come across or their accent.

There are tons of reasons why people don’t want to appear on camera.

How to make videos without showing your face

So, In this post and video, I’m going to show you some very successful channels that you can model.

If you want to know how to make videos without showing your face, this is for you.

So, let’s have a look.

How to make videos without showing your face

Profitable Faceless Channels

Natural Cures

So the first channel I want to show you is called Natural Cures, which is a very successful channel in the home remedies niche.

They’ve got just over 3 million subscribers.

And the thing that you want to take away from this channel is the consistency.

They release a new video every day without fail. 

These guys are super consistent and they’ve been consistent for several years.

Now when they first made their first video, they of course didn’t have any following, no views, nothing.

So don’t compare yourself to where these guys are at now.

But this has just proved that with consistency, you can grow a very big channel without ever showing your face.

Now, if we look at one of their videos:


So you can see it’s very, very simple.

They just have images and a voiceover.

Now the voiceover is always the same person.

I do not know if it was the same person many years ago, but it’s not an automated voice.

It’s a real voiceover.

And it’s a very calm, soothing voice.

What’s more, they just use stock images.

Now later on, I’ll show you how they make these videos.

It’s very, very simple.

Animal Facts

Now, a different channel I’d like to show you is this one.

This is called Animal Facts.

It’s a smaller channel.

It has 130,000 subscribers, but they too are very consistent when they upload videos.

Now, not necessarily every single day, but they upload a video at least once a week.

And they’ve been doing so for a long time.

So, while it is a smaller channel, 130,000 subscribers is not bad.

Let’s have a look at one of their videos. 


Again, all we have is somebody reading a script.

And we have different clips of animals and pets, that have either been sourced by themselves, maybe they’ve had them sent in by their fans or their reader base or viewer base.

Or maybe they’re using stock photos?

We don’t know right now.

But again, anything in the animal niche, you can delve into without having to appear on camera.

Just check out this channel for some inspiration.

Skinny Recipes

Now, a different one here.

If you want to get into the cooking niche, we have a channel called Skinny Recipes.

In this particular channel, which has one and a half million subs, this lady, she just records herself cooking, but you don’t see her face.

That’s the key thing.

So although you may hear her voice, you may see what she’s doing, her face does not appear.

The key thing that you can take away from these channels is consistency.

And that is so important if you want to grow a big YouTube channel.

So here’s one of her videos.


All we can see is her hands and she’s cooking, she’s preparing something and she’s speaking as well.

So it could be simply her recording the recipe and then adding a voiceover later.

Again, this is very easy to do.

You can record these kinds of videos using your iPhone or you can put them together using any video editor.

I advocate a free tool called Audacity, which works on a Mac or a PC, to record your audio and then add and sync later on.

5-Minute Crafts

A different channel here we have is called 5-Minute Crafts.

This is a huge channel. 

And they’ve got a bunch of videos.

Now, their thumbnails; you may think, “Well, they look great, but I can’t create them.” You can create these for free using a tool called

You can create a free account.

So let’s look at one of their videos here and press play.


Again, music in the background.

You want to make sure that you use royalty free music so that you don’t get a claim by YouTube.

And again, it’s just them videoing staff being done.

Their face is never on camera. 

Improvement Pill

A different niche here, Improvement Pill.

The guy behind this is called Craig.

And he’s been running this channel for a while and 2.12 million subscribers.

This is how to basically improve yourself, lead a better life.

There’s lots of different kinds of themes and topics, but he’s got a great following.

Like all of these channels, everybody starts from the same position.

And if you go back to the start of these channels and watch their first videos, you will see the difference in quality.

When people grow and they get more income, they can afford to invest in voiceovers, maybe in high-level tools.

Maybe they can hire an editor to create better looking videos. But when you get started, you don’t have that luxury.

Let’s watch one of these videos here.




So I don’t know who does the actual voice, but it’s a real person.

And it’s the same voice for almost all of these particular videos.

These videos are a little more advanced than say the Natural Cures videos.

But again, it doesn’t really matter.

They do a good job.

If you want to invest in tools that can do this, there are tons of video creation softwares.

Screen Recordings

This is what a lot of people do if they don’t want to invest in certain softwares.

They just record their screen which is great if you want to demonstrate how people do things.

So if you want to do anything technical, whether it’s something to do with WordPress or video editing or anything where you can show something happening on screen, that’s a great way to make videos without ever showing your face.

And that’s what this guy does.

He makes a bunch of videos. 

Now, of course, there’s a little bit of a caveat and a lot of these styles of channels, and there are lots of these channels, earn X amount of dollars per hour doing this and doing that.

If these videos were really true, then you kind of think to yourself, “Why wouldn’t this person be doing that rather than uploading videos?”

And they probably make most of their money by selling courses and not actually doing this stuff.

So I’m not saying all of these videos actually work if you actually want to follow what this person teaches.

But for channel growth, again, consistency is key.

Make videos without showing your face

So, you get the idea.

There are tons of ways that you can make money on YouTube, build a channel, build a following, without having to show your face.

But you have to realize that with all of these channels, the key thing is consistency.

These people have put in a lot of work.


It’s not about the video quality, doing your keyword research and understanding topics that your audience would want.

And then making videos on those topics again and again, and again.

You will get better with optimization and ranking and video quality and the thumbnails over time, but you have to get started.

Recommended Software

Now I will show you a really cool software that you can use to get started.

Some of you may know this already.

It’s called Vidnami.


And this is a great way for you to get started without any technical skillset and make videos without you ever having to appear on camera.

Here you can read a full Vidnami review: 

The reason I like Vidnami is, well, there are a couple of reasons.

Number one, they have tons of stock footage and clips and music that you can use.

So you don’t have to really go and find images, find video clips, and you don’t have to find music that you can use in your background.

If you want to record your audio, which I highly recommend, you can upload it to Vidnami and you can sync it with your slides.

It’s simply a case of you copying and pasting your script into Vidnami and it’s just clicking a few buttons.

And then if you want to add your script, you can.

Now they do have an auto-voice function, which I do not recommend.

It’s very robotic and you are not going to get the results that you want if you have those auto voices.

Because although you may learn to rank videos, people are just going to leave your videos really quickly, because nobody wants to listen to a robot with no intonation for five minutes.

I mean, who wants to do that?


I hope this video does remove any excuses.

“Oh, I don’t want to get on YouTube because I don’t want to show my face, so I’ll do something different.”

You don’t need to show your face.

Now, if you do show your face, great, fantastic.

I recommend that.

But again, these channels have proven that you don’t need to.

Last updated on January 12, 2021

There is a lot you can do with YouTube videos.

Among several options, you can choose to embed a YouTube video to your website.

Embedding a video from YouTube allows you to share as many videos as you want to your website at no cost.

The best part is, you will not have to worry about exceeding your website’s bandwidth because the data is managed by YouTube. 

But what exactly does it mean to embed a YouTube video?

Why should you do it?

How do you embed a YouTube video to your website?

Where should you place your video?

All these questions will be covered thoroughly in this article, so stick around.

What does it mean to Embed a YouTube video?

Embedding refers to the integration of links, images, videos, gifs, and other content into social media posts or other web media.

How to Embed Youtube Videos

When you embed any content, it appears as part of the post it is embedded to.

This gives your viewers needed imagery, and it increases your post engagement.

Embedding videos simply means displaying it on a site different from where it is being hosted.

So, when you embed a YouTube video to a blog or website, it means that visitors on your website get to watch that video directly on your website although it is hosted on YouTube.

This way, viewers will not have to be redirected to YouTube to watch.

Why should you Embed a YouTube video?

More brands and marketers are choosing to be intentional with their video strategies.

A 2020 HubSpot study shows us that 87% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool [1]. Why is this?

Well, having both video and text content gives your visitors reason to stay longer on your website, especially when the videos that play next are relevant to your content.

When visitors spend longer amounts of time on your website, it could indirectly affect your SEO ranking.

This is because it sends the message to Google that your site contains a lot of valuable information.

And this could result in a higher ranking.

Embed Youtube Videos

Also, seeing as most of the content consumed on the internet is in video form, showcasing these videos on your website would be a great way to connect with your visitors.

Sometimes, people find it easier to understand certain concepts by watching videos rather than reading.

Embedding videos to your website helps them see that you care about their satisfaction. 

Extra Reasons

Well, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform, so even if you do not have your own video to share, you are guaranteed to find lots of videos relevant to your niche there.

Also, embedding a YouTube video has been made super easy; in just a few steps, you are good to go!

Embedding a video works better than hosting it on your website because viewers get to have a lot more options for sharing and watching.

Embedding Youtube Videos

YouTube makes it easier to share videos with shortened links and options that share directly to several other social media apps.

Also, the option to downgrade or upgrade video quality might not be available to your viewers if you host it directly on your website.

Finally, embedding your video would mean that even people who might not come across your site can still get to watch your video.

For example, regular YouTube visitors. 

How to Embed YouTube videos

Now you know why you should embed a video, how do you go about it?

The good news is, you can easily embed a YouTube video to your blog or website.

By following these few simple steps listed below, you can embed your video in no time.

  • The first thing you need to do is find the video of your choice on YouTube.
  • When you find the video, select the SHARE icon under the video.


How to embed YouTube Videos
  • Some options will pop up, but what you need is the embed code.
  • Click the Embed option to get that code. 
Embed youtube videos

There are some important things you should note when embedding.

  • Firstly, if a video is restricted to a certain age-range, it will not play on most third-party websites. Viewers who click on such videos will be redirected to YouTube.
  • Also, embedding YouTube videos on a child-directed website means that you have to self-designate the site. Doing this will ensure that Google does not display personalized ads on your site, and some of the features in the player might be disabled too. 

Where to Embed your YouTube video

After copying the code, what next?

You would have to return to your website’s content editor to paste the code.

This part is also fairly simple, and in a few steps, you should be done.

  • If you use a content management system like WordPress, there is a feature called auto-embeds which you can use to get the embed code from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • In your editor, find the section where you want your video to appear.
  • All you need to do is copy the URL to the video and paste it to your content editor. The CMS will automatically fetch the embed code and embed your video. Then you can save the changes and preview before publishing.
Video Social Media

You can also embed using your site’s HTML editor.

  • In your editor, find the section where you want your video to appear.
  • In that section, paste the code you copied on YouTube to embed the video.
  • You should place your code after an already existing line of code, and do not forget to add quotation marks at the end of your embed code.
  • You can adjust the height and width of the embed player so that it fits your website perfectly.
  • Publish your changes, and just like that, you have embedded the video to your site. 


When embedding someone else’s video, always credit the creator and be careful not to infringe on copyright laws.

To be completely safe, ask if you can use the video before embedding.

And if you are contacted by a creator to take down a video, even after prior approval, do so immediately.

If you liked this post on embedding YouTube videos, then please share it and leave any comments below.

Last updated on January 11, 2021

We all know that holidays are great for marketing and sales.

During these periods, customers are more likely to pay extra attention to brands, look out for good content, offers, and discounts.

As a marketer, consider leveraging holidays to attract new leads, stay top-of-mind for your current leads, and make sales.

That being said, here are some important marketing holidays you should include in your 2021 calendar.

Let us have a look.


1st: New Year’s Day

It is a time for new beginnings, resolutions and promises.

This is the perfect opportunity to share your business’ goals for the year and reassure your customers about your commitment to meeting their needs.

23rd: National Handwriting Day

Host a fun competition, have your customers send you a handwritten note and award the best calligraphies.

Important marketing holidays for 2021


24th: Compliment Day

Use this opportunity to let your customers know what you love about them.

26th: Spouse’s Day

Give your customers ideas on special things they can do for their spouses.



Monthly recognition: Black History Month

Celebrate black history month with your audience and acknowledge some of the faces of the movement.

1st: National Eat Icecream for Breakfast Day

Encourage them to eat a tasty dessert for breakfast.

3rd: Doggy Date Night

Encourage your audience to treat their furry friends to an indoor or outdoor date night.

4th: World Cancer Day

Use this opportunity to share facts and information about cancer to show your solidarity.

World Cancer Day


11th: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Appreciate the women and girls in science worldwide!

14th: Valentine’s Day

Spread love to your audience and encourage them  to do the same. You could offer discounts and special deals.

17th: National Drink Wine Day

Encourage your drinking audience to kick back with a bottle of wine.



3rd: World Wildlife Day

Share some facts about wildlife varieties worldwide.

5th: Employee Appreciation Day

Let your audience know how much your business values its staff. Celebrate them!

employee appreciation day


8th: International Women’s Day

Celebrate women worldwide by offering them discounts and special deals.

19: National Let’s Laugh Day

Share anecdotes about your business and make your audience laugh.

20th: International Day Of Happiness

Make your customers happy by offering them sweet deals.

31st: International Transgender Visibility Day

Show your solidarity with transgender people worldwide.



1st: April Fool’s Day

Make your audience laugh by playing a light prank on them.

2nd: World Autism Awareness Day

Raise awareness and support people on the autism spectrum worldwide using your platform.

4th: Easter

Celebrate with Christians worldwide on Easter!



11th: National Pet Day

Solicit for pictures of your audience’s furry friends, you could even offer a prize to the cutest!

22nd: Earth Day

Share some interesting facts about our planet to your audience.

29th: International Dance Day

Have your audience tag you to fun videos, or trend a hashtag with dance videos.

30th: Honesty Day

Ask your customers for areas where you can serve them better, and consider their honest opinions.



1st: International Worker’s Day

Show workers worldwide that they are appreciated with special deals or discounts.

9th: Mother’s Day

Show appreciation for mothers worldwide with special mother’s day offers.

13th: Eid al-Fitr

Observe Eid alongside muslims worldwide.  



Monthly recognition: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Show your solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

1st: Global Day of Parents

Appreciate parents worldwide with special deals.

5th: World Environment Day

Use this day to talk about the environment and encourage your audience to contribute to saving it.

world environment day


7th: Western Australia Day

Observe this cultural holiday with your Australian customers.

8th: National Best Friends Day

Join your customers in appreciating their special person.

16th: International Day of the African Child

Celebrate African children worldwide and showcase some of their talents.

20th: Father’s Day

Fathers are amazing and deserve all the love. Help your customers celebrate their fathers with special offers.




1st: International Joke Day

Invite your audience to share a joke or two and rate them. Be gentle.

4th: America’s Independence Day

Celebrate with your US audience.

10th: National Kitten’s Day

Host a catwalk contest and reward the cutest kitten- if you can pick one!



14th: Bastille Day

Join your French customers in observing one of their most significant cultural holidays.

30th: International Day of Friendship

Celebrate the beauty of friendship by offering special friendship deals to your customers.



1st: National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends, both platonic and romantic, are there when we need them. Help your customers appreciate theirs.

7th: Purple Heart Day

Acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices that brave people in the US military have made on this holiday.

9th: Islamic New Year

Wish muslims worldwide a happy new islamic year.

12th: International Youth Day

If you have a young audience demographic, it wouldn’t hurt to offer special deals to them.



5th: International Day of Charity

Show some kindness by giving out useful items to those who need it. Remember to encourage others to do the same.

6th: Labour Day

Workers have kept the economy running all year round, show them love on labour day.

7th: Brazil’s Independence Day

Celebrate with your Brazilian audience, if you have a measurable one, on their country”s independence!



11th: 9/11 Remembrance

Join the US in commemorating the lives lost to 9/11.



1st: National Poetry Day

Everyone can be a poet with the right encouragement. Have your community members dazzle you on national poetry day.

3rd: National Boyfriend Day

Help people nationwide make it a special holiday for the men in their lives.

10th: World Mental Health Day

Remind your audience worldwide to treat their mental health kindly.

31st: Halloween

It’s a spooky time.

Get creative.



1st: National Cook for Your Pets Day

See who can come up with the best recipes for their pets.

7th: National Cancer Awareness Day

Use your platform to raise awareness about cancer.

27th: Black Friday

Everyone is expecting it.

So be sure to promote your offerings early, and get your team ready for the biggest sales day of the year. 



1st: World AIDS Day

Raise awareness using your platform.

14th: National Free Shipping Day

Need I say more?

24th: Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas, make it a magical experience for your audience.

25th: Christmas Day

Spread love and holiday wishes on Christmas.

Or simply take the day off.



26th: Boxing Day

Follow-up on your customers by asking how their holidays went.

31st: New Year’s Eve

The perfect time for resolutions and making goals. Share your goals with your audience and urge them to share theirs.


With this list, you should already have some ideas for your brand’s 2021 marketing activities.

There are a variety of holidays to choose from, so be sure to create monthly marketing campaigns that suit your brand and its audiences.

Remember to bookmark this page so you can find it easily whenever you need some more inspiration.

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Last updated on January 3, 2021

As an advertiser looking to create YouTube ad campaigns, there are several factors to consider.

It is important to place your ads in front of relevant videos if those ads are to yield results.

However, doing this manually is difficult and takes a lot of time.

Fortunately, many platforms take the work right off your hands, and in this article, we will take a look at a few of your options to see which works best for you.

Best YouTube Ads Software

All the softwares we look at have one core feature and that is the ability to find videos that you are allowed to place your ads in front of that are targeted to you.

But to be a success with YouTube ads, you need more than that.

Some tools we look at have other functions such as the ability to find keywords, spying on what is running now, full training and more.

So, let’s get started with the first software here.


Vidnetics is a platform that helps marketing professionals get the most out of their advertising campaigns on YouTube.

It saves your time and energy by allowing you to type in keywords related to your niche and directing you to relevant videos that you can place your ads in front of.

It also allows you to filter your search results with tags to arrive at precise results.

Let us delve into some of the interesting features we can find on this platform.

  • Video Finder: The video finder feature is arguably the best part of this platform.

It makes it possible for you to find videos to place your ads in seconds.

It saves time, and you can filter your search results with keywords, channels, geo-locations, languages and other relevant tags, ensuring specificity and precision.

This platform allows you to find videos that are monetized for ad placements, as well as the videos your competition has not yet seen.

This means a completely fresh market at your disposal, giving you an added advantage over competitors.

  • Video Info Tool:  This allows you to grab the tags, thumbnails, and captions of any YouTube video you find.

You can create placement lists of videos you’ve searched for and export your results at any time.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator: The ROI calculator feature presents another advantage.

For most advertisers, there is a risk of advertising without making enough profits to offset advertising costs.

With this feature, you can estimate the profits you will gain from your advertisements.

You do not have to spend on a campaign until you know how much you can earn from it.

  • Channel/Video Targeting: With this feature, you can choose or alternate between video and channel search results.

This makes it possible for you to test which audience is best for you and target your ads to that audience for the best results.

  • Keyword Targeting through search volume: You can use this tool in finding a variety of keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Using these keywords helps you to create campaigns that will always yield desired results and improve your ROI.

Vidnetics provides the monthly search volume for keywords on YouTube per country.

This is a unique feature and perfect for both in-stream and discovery ads.

Placements are not infinite and at some point you’ll run out of videos to place your ads in front of.

This is where keywords can come in handy.

But another use is they keyword targeting function can bring up tons of things you may never have heard of before.

  • Spy Feature: This brand new feature is where Vidnetics stands out from the crowd.

Regardless of your physical location, the spy feature allows you to see what ads are currently running on videos in your target market in other countries.

This means you can see ads that you would never normally see, even if they are unlisted videos.

Best YouTube Ads Software

You can see the ad, the video information and landing page meaning you have a full spy tool at your disposal.

Adbeat is the only other software that provides this but they charge $999 per month at their enterprise level.

Fortunately for you, Vidnetics is incredibly cheaper than that.

  • Full YouTube Ads Course: This is a benefit as the creator of the course ran a 7-figure ads agency and has poured his knowledge into the course and split it into 5 core elements.


Vidnetics offers three plans at varying prices and features as follows:

Lite ($67 per month)

  • Includes video finder, full channel search, YouTube video info tool, ROI calculator, google keyword research, access to a private online community, YouTube ads training, and technical support via email.
  • Does not include YouTube keyword research, the spy feature and phone technical support.

Plus ($97 per month)

  • Includes video finder, full channel search, YouTube video info tool, ROI calculator, google keyword research, limited YouTube keyword research, access to a private online community, YouTube ads training, the spy feature and technical support via email.
  • Does not include phone technical support nor ad library.

Professional ($147 per month)

  • Includes video finder, full channel search, YouTube video info tool, ROI calculator, google keyword research, unlimited YouTube keyword research, access to a private online community, YouTube ads training, the spy feature WITH ad library and technical support via email and phone.

You will find the features of this platform quite helpful for advertising on YouTube.

On the plus side, most of its features are accessible using the Lite plan, which can come in handy if you are on a budget.

On the downside, having unlimited access to all features would require you to upgrade to the Professional plan, and this plan costs slightly more.


Tubesift is another platform where you can easily search for and extract monetized videos that are relevant to your niche.


It’s fair to say that currently, Tubesift has the largest market share in the industry, mainly because it has been around for a long time and has some good testimonials.

Tubesift has a simplistic and clean interface, but it comes with a lot of useful features.

Some of these features are:

  • Dual-source keyword tool: With this platform, you can find the most relevant keywords to use in targeted ads for any niche.

It also supports geo targeting like Vidnetics, and wildcard searches.

This means that you can find keywords that are relevant to a particular location, and even find keywords when you are not sure of what you need.

  • This platform enables you to conduct searches in any language.
  • Advanced search options: You have the option of filtering your video searches by duration, search priority, language, when it was published, and many more.

You can also filter your search to find videos that are trending or have high views.

  • The YouTube Video Info Tool on this platform makes it possible for you to get the keyword tags, thumbnails, and captions of any YouTube video.
  • You can save videos from searches you have conducted to placement lists.

You can also export the results and the placement lists in a table structured format.

This feature can come in handy when you need the results for a report or reference purposes.

  • Companion banner: This feature allows you to create simple banner graphics that you can use in conjunction with your ads.


To access this platform, you simply need to subscribe to either a monthly or annual membership.

The monthly membership costs $67, and the annual membership costs $497.

Both systems grant full access to all features of the platforms without restrictions.

The full access membership that you get after subscribing is an advantage over the limited access plans offered by some other softwares.

However, Tubesift lacks some features that Vidnetics offers and members we have spoken to mentioned that you get sent a lot of other promotions.


Biteplay presents you with videos that are relevant to your niche and places your ads at moments where viewers are most engaged.

This way, your audience is unlikely to skip your ads.

Like other platforms, Biteplay is designed for you to make the most of your YouTube ad campaigns.


Some features that enable this include:

  • Ad Placement Search helps you find which videos are monetized and relevant to your niche so you can place your ads in front of them.
  • Influencer Search finds the best influencers in your niche.
  • Academy is available to teach you what you should know about YouTube advertising and train you to a professional extent.
  • Export Data is a feature that enables you to export your ad statistics in an Excel document.
  • +123 Regions is a feature that helps you search for specific regions to target your ads.
  • Power Tracking helps you monitor video analytics.


Biteplay is similar to Vidnetics in that it offers three different pricing systems with varying functionalities.

Starter ($59 per month)

  • With the starter pack, you can make 200 searches for monetized videos. You have access to 200 results per search as well.

You can also run 5 searches simultaneously, make email alters, and find influencers. 

Pro ($99 per month)

  • With the pro pack, you can make 300 searches for monetized videos. You have access to 300 results per search as well.

You can also run 10 searches simultaneously, make email alters, and find viral videos for ad placements.

Agency ($149 per month)

  • With the agency pack, you can make 2000 searches for monetized videos.

You have access to 300 results per search as well. You can also run 30 searches simultaneously.

You can build a team with up to three members, and you have access to priority support.

Each subscription plan has search limits placed on it, as well as limitations to access to their features.

Biteplay pricing

Also, there are not many features that stand out when compared to the previously discussed platforms.


Veeroll mainly helps you create, what they call, perfect video ads for your campaign.

While it has other features that enable you to find which target audience will produce the best results for your ads, it focuses mainly on ensuring that your video ad will appeal to viewers.


Here are some features put in place to make this possible:

  • Using already made templates and scripts, Veeroll automatically generates a video ad for you.

In this way, you can save your time and cut back on expenses.

You can reuse these existing templates over and over again by making minor tweaks to suit your needs.

These ad templates are also compatible with mobile phones, albeit with a specialised set of instructions to ensure success.

  • The keyword research tool makes it easier to search for relevant keywords and see how well you rank with your competition.

You can filter keyword searches on this platform by the amount of competition, expected expenses, search volume, and other relevant information.

Veeroll has actually been around the longest of the tools on this page, however, they seem not to be marketed much at all.


Registration comes at a fee of $97 monthly, although there is the option of registering annually which equates to a monthly fee of $67.

Either way, registration comes with full access to all features.

Veeroll pricing

If your focus is on nailing the perfect ad, Veeroll would be great for you.

However, it is relatively more expensive than other platforms like it and limited in features.

Best YouTube Ads Software: Summary

We do not consider any other tools that perform these functions as serious options right now.

While all of the softwares mentioned pull monetized ads, you need more than just that function to be able to move forward with YouTube ads.

This is why, with the extensive course, help and community atmosphere, we advocate Vidnetics as the top choice.

Do you agree on our choices? 

Please let us know in the comments section below and tell us what you feel to be the best YouTube ads software.


Last updated on January 11, 2021

As YouTube video content creation grows in popularity, content creators are faced with certain challenges while creating their videos.

One of such challenges is choosing the right background music track for a YouTube video.

As a YouTube creator, you know that adding background music to your videos increases their appeal to your viewers.

But to do this, you may have also noticed how difficult it is to find good background music tracks that do not infringe on copyright laws. 

Luckily, there are helpful resources and platforms to make it easier for you to find music that fits well with any type of video content you want to put out.

Many online platforms such as the YouTube audio library, Envato library, Audio Jungle, Bensound, Infinitunes, Artlist, Musicbed and so on are packed with diverse audio tracks that can be added to your YouTube videos.

How to Find Music for YouTube Videos

In this article, we will be sharing helpful information about these platforms including what they are, the resources they provide, where you can find them, and how to use them.

7 Most Recommended Music Sources for YouTube Videos

YouTube audio library

The audio library is a YouTube channel that currently contains thousands of music tracks and sound effects that are completely free and available for YouTube content creators to download and use for all kinds of creative purposes, this includes but is not limited to background music for YouTube videos.

This platform also allows music artists to submit their audio tracks in addition to the music collections that are currently available.

This helps to grow the number of tracks available for your use.

There are quite a lot of genres available in this library, that includes classical, pop, R&B, etc.

Songs are also classified based on moods, such as angry, happy, romantic, and so on.

The tracks available in this library can be downloaded, remixed and used without royalties.

Studio Library

Below are some tips for your use in accessing and editing your videos in the YouTube audio library:

  • Sign in to YouTube studio.
  • From the menu on the left, select Audio Library.
  • Browse from the available collections to find a track that fits.
  • To sample a track, simply press play.
  • If you find a track you would like to save for a later occasion, click on the star icon to add it to your favourites.
  • The audio library contains five filters that can be used in fine-tuning results, namely; genre, duration, mood, attribution and instrument.
  • These filters can be used simultaneously to arrive at the best results.

Envato library

The Envato library falls under Envato Elements, and it offers a collection of over fifty six thousand music tracks that can be accessed royalty-free.

Envato Music library

While the Envato elements website contains a lot more than music tracks, as a YouTube content creator, you will find it an excellent resource for finding background music for your YouTube videos.

This platform also contains hundreds of thousands of sound effects that can make your content a lot more interesting.

To make use of the Envato library, you can create a free account that grants you limited access to music tracks and other interesting features of the platform.

However, a paid subscription will grant users unlimited access to all tracks and features of the platform.

Here are some important things you should note before using Envato library:

  • To access the tracks, you will have to create an account.
  • Creating an account is free of charge, but free accounts have limited access. Paid subscriptions grant unlimited access, and these subscription plans start from $16.50 per month.
  • The Envato music library has a wide range of filters, these are broken down into; categories, vocals, tempo, length, and properties to ensure precise results that work for you.
  • Each filter has a variety of sub-filters.
  • Tracks can be downloaded for use, and also bookmarked for later use.
  • Tracks can be sampled by simply pressing play.


Unlike the previously mentioned online platforms, Infinitunes does not come with pre-made tracks.

This platform is used to create personalised audio tracks to perfectly match your video content.

This is particularly noteworthy because the ability to create your own tracks makes it possible to have tracks that match the voice, tempo, mood, and length of your YouTube video.


This site is not just another library, every time a track is sampled by pressing play, it generates a new sound.

An added advantage is the fact that creating your own sound is an easy and straightforward process.

Generated tracks can be reused and distributed for all purposes without any copyright restrictions.

However, access to this site is not free of charge.

Presently, the site offers the chance of gaining access through a simple one-time payment. This offer is a “launch” bonus.

Once the launch is over, new customers would have to pay monthly or yearly for a subscription.

After subscribing, you can make use of these services in three simple steps as follows:

  • Generate an audio track using the available filters such as genre, activities, mood, and length.
  • Press play. With each click, a unique track is generated. Listen to it and make whatever adjustments are needed until you achieve a sound you are satisfied with.
  • Add the personalized music track to your video. Combine the unique audio track with any video by simply clicking the “add to video” icon next to the track. The video can be uploaded anywhere and also commercialized as the site will automatically include a commercial license.

Note: As a newer option, time will tell at how this stands over time.


A lot of tracks on Bensound can easily be recognized in many YouTube videos, for example, the Ukulele and Hey! are often used in educational or tutorial videos.

Bensound is another website that offers pre-made tracks and can be utilized in finding background music for any YouTube video. 


The music contained in this website can be used either for free (with conditions), or you could purchase a professional license that gives you unlimited access.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • For free use, bear in mind that usage comes with some restrictions and under certain conditions. Tracks can be used in videos and other multimedia projects as long as Bensound is credited in the description in whatever project they are used, in this case, your YouTube video. However, these tracks cannot be used in audiobooks, audio podcasts, song-making or music remixes.
  • A professional license can be obtained which does not require you to credit Bensound when using their track, gives you access to higher sound quality, and licensing certificate.
  • Music on the site is divided into eight categories, each group containing a specific type of sound. 
  • For free use, signup or login is not required, you can simply download tracks directly from the “download” button and edit them to your YouTube videos.


Artlist contains unlimited audio tracks and special effects and is a great resource for content creators looking to add spice to their videos by using background music.

You can sign up to this platform for free, add tracks to your library and download them for use, but to gain access to licensing for the tracks and special effects that this site offers, you have to subscribe to one of their paid plans. 


There are three of these plans, one for special effects, one for music, and one that combines and offers benefits for both.

There is no alternative for buying the license to individual tracks without subscribing to plans that offer unlimited licensing benefits.

This could be problematic if the audio track is needed for a one-time YouTube video production.

Some few things to note when using Artlist are listed as follows.

  • You can signup to the website free of charge and download tracks but to access the license for the audio tracks or special effects, you would have to subscribe to a paid plan. You cannot purchase individual tracks.
  • There are three plans available, one offers unlimited licensing for special effects only, one offers unlimited licensing for music only, and one offers unlimited licensing for both. All plans are set at different prices and also include added benefits as stated on the website.
  • Background music for videos can be filtered using genre, mood, video theme and instrument.
  • There is also a wide range of special effects available for use in your video.

Audio Jungle

Audio jungle is a music platform with over six hundred thousand music tracks submitted by independent artists and sound engineers.

These tracks were reviewed and uploaded and can be bought or downloaded directly from the site without signing up or subscribing to plans.


These tracks are sorted into different categories or moods to enable users to easily find the kind of sound they need and is another great resource for finding music for YouTube videos.

Categories exist for tracks within certain price ranges and could go for as low as $5, this is quite helpful for the YouTuber on a budget. 

The site in itself is simple, straightforward and lacks clutter.

Downloading and buying tracks can be done in one or two clicks.

Here are some tips for navigating Audio Jungle:

  • Featured tracks can be downloaded for free, but purchase is required for unlimited or unrestricted use.
  • All featured tracks are royalty-free.
  • Tracks can be sampled and saved for later use.
  • Music tracks are sorted by genre and mood. Each category has several subcategories.
  • Generally, audio is classified into music, music packs, music kits, sound effects etc.

Music Bed 

Music Bed is another great platform that offers tracks that can be used as background music for YouTube videos.

The music here can be sampled, but full previews and downloads are available only after the user has signed up on the website.

The platform offers other interesting features such as playlists and filters, as well as the option to save tracks to projects they would be used on.

Music Bed

There is also the option to add a track to your favourites for future use.

Most of the features are available after signing up, and creating an account is free of charge. 

When using Music Bed, remember:

  • To access most of the features, including a full track preview, you would need to create a free account on the platform.
  • You can search for specific songs free of charge after signing up.
  • The platform offers a subscription for unlimited music access.
  • There is the option of purchasing a license for a single song if you do not want to subscribe to a plan.
  • The platform offers help in finding a track that is perfectly suited for your project. This service does not attract any additional cost.
  • You can also get custom music tailored to suit your project.


Finding the perfect background music for a YouTube video could pose a challenge, but some platforms offer a wide range of tracks, sounds and effects to choose from.

Some offer free options such as the YouTube audio library, Envato music library, and Bensound, while others require a subscription or a one-time purchase.

Look through the available options to make an informed decision and find the perfect source for background music for your videos.

PS…We hope you liked this article on how to find music for your YouTube videos. Tell us what your preference is below.

Last updated on January 12, 2021

There is so much video content flowing around the internet today as brands fight in the battle for the customers’ attention.

Whether you’re a small or large business, the playing ground is accessible.

So how do you successfully stake your claim?

What makes one video perform better than another?

How are businesses able to catch consumer’s attention while getting them to take action? 

These are among the most prominent questions businesses today ask when they create video content for their platforms.

The content business has developed from its humble roots and beginnings of text into a more complicated video format, and we all have to catch up. 

Starting point

To get your videos to pull in traffic that you can convert into sales, you will need to craft your content to suit your marketing demographic.

The language, visuals, and tone have to appeal to its intended audience to draw them in.

If you don’t have a buyer’s persona to help with visualization while creating content, build one.

Here’s a straightforward template from HubSpot to help you get started.

Let’s talk sales copy

You need to engineer your videos for success from the planning stage.

Starting with the sales copy, ensure that you employ the use of language that speaks to your audience.

The secret to this is simple.

Speak to the problem.

Not the fancy problem you use in your elevator pitch or pitch deck.

Break the problem you’re offering to solve down to the most simple format possible, and inject that into your sales video copy.


And in the same way, offer your solution- with simple, easy to understand words. 

An important point in marketing is that you’re not necessarily selling a product but a solution.

If your product is an onboarding software, you’re selling the convenience of bringing on a new team member without having to manually install tools and share tons of passwords.

If your product is a fashion item, you’re selling the feeling of self confidence and being on-trend.

Your video content- both audio and visual- should reflect this. 

While selling your solution, try to stay away from cliches and tropes.

The market is saturated with the same types of marketing videos.

If you can’t hold your audience’s attention from the first few seconds, you will lose them to the next video that is about to play. 

Remember to build your video around an end goal or action.

You can do this by inserting a CTA- Call to Action.

Encourage the viewer to perform an action at the end of the video that leads them into your sales pipeline.

If not, you will be surprised at how many people can watch a video that offers them something valuable and simply… click away. 

Do NOT blend in

The saturation of the media space has made it increasingly difficult for content to stand out.

Many marketing videos end up getting stuck in “familiarity blindness”; a situation where consumers are not aware of your content because the familiarity blocks them from acknowledging. 

Video Conversions


To avoid this, stop compromising.

On ideas, equipment, and production.

Brainstorm good video ideas frequently.

Write down those random, quirky, can-I-make-this-work ideas that pop up once in a while, and see to how you can execute them.

Use good (not necessarily expensive) equipment.

If you’re shooting videos, make sure your videos are well-lit, as this could change the entire quality.

If you’re making a whiteboard or similar videos, use the best tools available to you.

And if you don’t have much experience with them, practice, or outsource to a professional. 

In all of this, remember that your videos form important parts of your overall sales pipeline.

Hence any action taken as a result of seeing the video must lead your prospects down the pipe and closer to a sale.

Use MOFU video content

One secret of great marketing is creating what we call MOFU video content.

MOFU stands for Middle of the Funnel.


These videos do the job of attracting leads and encouraging them further down the sales pipeline.

A marketing video is also a strategic tool because market research shows that more consumers prefer to watch videos about businesses that read about them.

Unfortunately, most marketers only use video at the top of the funnels.

And by the time your leads are in the middle, they lose interest in the type of content being pushed at them. 

This makes videos crucial to companies who wish to capture new customers by turning them from leads into paying customers.

While creating these videos, do not lose the core concept of these videos, which is to get your leads to make an action that brings them closer to your business.

Types of Videos to Create

One bone of contention most businesses face is the type of video content to create.

There is no hard and fast rule to the kind of video you should create for your business.

There are different approaches that you can take, but the important thing is to create the right content for the right moment.

Video Conversions


It is also essential to consider your audience’s attention span while creating content; hence, you should try to keep your videos as brief as possible without losing any of its value.

Here are some of the content you can create for your business:

Video Case Study

A video case study will help you focus on a particular topic and discuss it in detail while carrying your audience.

This will allow you to engage your audience while simultaneously enlightening prospects and creating leads that will turn into sales.

Product Tours

These videos are best when you want to introduce your product to your customers and prospective leads.

You will need to give a clear and easy to follow breakdown of how your product or service works and finish up the video by leaving a CTA (Call to action).

Live streams

Live streams are useful when you want to engage your audience in real-time.

Video Conversions


You can spice it up by inviting industry leaders to discuss hard-boiling topics facing your business and give your audience the opportunity to ask questions they may have and provide suitable answers to keep them engaged.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos help customers understand more about an aspect of a business.

Business owners can use this as a means to communicate effectively with their audiences and clear the air about any gray areas.

It also leaves room for interaction between your business and leads.

Q & A Videos

Question and answer videos help brands answer questions that have been asked by their customers.


As you answer these questions, you give room for prospects to learn more about your business and get drawn to your company, and this leads them into your sales pipeline.

You Should Be Using Videos to Generate Leads

Videos offer several benefits that no brand should overlook.

First, they are now more than ever, more engaging than any other content format.

One report shows that 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others.


Right now, video content is being shared, not just with people, but with other social platforms. 

Creating shareable videos not only gives you better reach, but also gives your videos a better chance to convert viewers into leads who may become customers.

This makes videos the perfect lure to place at the beginning of your sales funnel. 

Videos also have a better potential to go viral than other content formats.

Users find it easier to share video content from brands they love.

People are more likely to share a video, which is easy to consume, than to share a blog post.

The shareable feature of these videos means that it is easier for your message to reach larger audiences and connect with them.

So, the best way for businesses to convert new users is word of mouth and in the internet age, these shares stand as the new word of mouth marketing.

The Impact of Video on your Business

Video strategies greatly impact your business in different ways.

If you are skeptical about the ways you can benefit from video strategies, we will discuss how videos can positively impact your business.

There are various metrics that can be used to gauge the impact of using video marketing on your business.

Here’s a piggyback off an Orbelo infographic showing the stats of video’s impact on marketing.  

Impact Percentage
Users who enjoy video content 85%
Users who love interacting with Video 73%
Share of profits achieved through video marketing 88%
Businesses that use video 66%
Video content that makes up social media 88%
Internet traffic due to video 82%


These figures are an indication that if you have not started creating video content for your business, you are losing business to your competitors who have.

It is never too late to begin creating amazing video content that will generate leads for your business.


Video is a powerful way to reach your intended audience and it is therefore important for you to employ video marketing to your advantage.

Use the right video formats for the right purposes and do not forget to add CTAs at the end of your videos.

Your call to action will help you convert your prospects into leads by guiding them down your sales pipeline.

You should also measure the impact of your video strategies so you can accurately gauge which of your videos have the most engagements and generate the most leads.


PS…We hope you enjoyed this post on getting more video conversions. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.