Important Marketing Holidays for 2020

Important Marketing Holidays

Last updated on August 2, 2020

Holidays provide some of the best marketing opportunities for businesses across all industries.

During these periods, consumers pay better attention to media messages.

Especially those looking for deals and discounts from their favorite brands.

Holiday sales, in retail alone, crossed the $1 trillion mark in 2018.

And 8 out of 10 of the buyers responsible say that they are influenced by something online before making a purchase. 

Specific holidays also offer brands the opportunity to show solidarity with certain demographics and improve their brand-customer relationships.

Marketers should not underestimate the impact of using the brand as a platform to celebrate positive landmark events. 

If your business is new to holiday video marketing, then 2020 is a great year to start.

Prepare your marketing calendar for 2020 with the following important marketing holidays in mind. 

Important Marketing Holidays for 2020


Important Marketing Holidays

1st- New Year’s Day

It’s time to renew your promises to your consumers.

Set expectations for the new year and renew their excitement for your brand. 

4th- Trivia Day 

Set a price- who knows the silliest facts of all time? 

5th- National Bird Day

Encourage your audience to pay attention to nature and the fluttering inhabitants around us. 

11th- Human Trafficking Day

Use your platform to bring awareness to the global concern of human trafficking. 

14th- National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Yes, it’s a competition. Give your audience some incentive to participate. 

17th- Get to Know Your Customers Day 

Use this opportunity for some market research.

Learn more about your customers and what they want. 

20th- Penguin Awareness Day

Every year, we have fewer penguins waddling around.

Remind your audience to support related causes. 

20st- Martin Luther King, Jr Day 

Celebrate the birth of a hero with your American audience. 

25th- Chinese New Year 

Wish your Chinese audience a happy new year. 

26th- Spouse’s Day

Encourage spouses to do something special for their significant other. 

28th- Data Privacy Day 

Privacy is a growing concern. Remind your consumers that your company respects theirs. 


Important Marketing Holidays

Monthly Recognition- Black History Month 

Celebrate Black History month with your audience and recognize some of its pioneering heroes. 

1st- National Freedom Day 

Celebrate with your American audience- freedom for all. 

2nd- Super Bowl Sunday 

A Super Bowl ad may be out of your budget, but all eyes are on the media.

Seize the opportunity. 

11th- Make a Friend Day

We all need friends.

Connect with your audience and share a moment. 

14th- Valentine’s Day

Show love to your customers with offers and deals they can’t resist. 

17th- Random Acts of Kindness Day

Share a random act of kindness.

Then encourage your community to do the same. 

22nd- Walk your Dog Day

Make this walk extra-special for dogs everywhere. 


1st- Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate your employees and show your audience the facts behind the brand. 

3rd- Day of Unplugging

#selfcare happens in several ways. Encourage your audience to unplug for a few hours. 

3rd- World Wildlife Day

Share “aww” pictures of wildlife animals and remind your audience to support causes for endangered species. 

8th- International Women’s Day

Create extra-special offers for women everywhere. 

16th- World Sleep Day

Remind your community that sleep is essential for all our different lifestyles. 

18th- Awkward Moments Day

Challenge your community.

Who can capture the ‘cringiest’ awkward moment for a worth-it offer? 

20th- World Down Syndrome Day

Celebrate people with down syndrome and remind your community about the importance of accessibility for the differently-abled. 

21st- International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

It’s 2020, and racial discrimination still exists.

Remind your audience to do better and offer their support when needed. 

29th- Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

Are you a B2B (business-to-business) company?

This is an opportunity to connect with your smaller clients. 

31st- Transgenders Day of Visibility 

Lend your voice to support transgender people around the globe. 


1st- April Fool’s Day

Play a prank on your community.

Make it a good one. 

2nd- World Autism Awareness Day

Recognize the people on the Autism Spectrum and use your platform to raise awareness for important causes. 

3rd- National Walking Day

Let’s all take a walk!

Remember to ask for pictures. 

7th- World Health Day

Find out the theme of this year from the WHO (World Health Organization) and share some education with your audience.

11th- National Pet Day

Encourage your community to share pictures and stories of their most unusual pets. 

22nd- Earth Day 

Demonstrate your efforts to protect the environment in your business practices.

23rd- Take Your Child to Work Day 

Give your customers one more reason to be excited about this potentially crazy day. 


Important Marketing Holidays

1st- International Workers Day

Celebrate workers everywhere by gifting them with a special offer. 

2nd- Thank a Teacher Day 

Teachers lay the foundations of every society. Don’t forget to thank them!

5th- Cinco De Mayo

Join the fun with your Mexican customers and audience to celebrate! 

10th- Mothers Day

Use your platform to honor mothers and women around the globe who have taken up the role of motherhood. 

11th- Eat What You Want Day 

Some days are for letting go and nothing else. Who will have the most adventurous meal? 

16th- Love a Tree Day

Trees deserve hugs and new neighbors. Encourage your community to give both. 

18th- Victoria Day (Canada)

Join your Canadian customers and followers in celebrating one of their most honored holidays. 

31st- World No Tobacco Day

Encourage 24-hour abstinence from tobacco to raise awareness about its health effects. 


Monthly Recognition- LGBTQ Pride Month

Pride events will be held throughout this month.

Show online and physical support to the LGBTQ community.

4th- Hug Your Cat Day 

You probably get cat hugs every day but show a little more love to the furry companions around you. 

5th- World Environment Day 

Show how your company is contributing to protecting the environment.

Then encourage others to do the same. 

8th- World Oceans Day 

The oceans may seem far away, but they contribute to our everyday life.

Join an oceans event or start yours on this day. 

8th- National Bestfriend Day

Finding a best friend is a gift.

Help your customers celebrate that particular person. 

18th- National Splurge Day

Remind your customers that it’s okay to buy some things just because. 

21st- Fathers Day 

Fathers are both heroes and caretakers.

Give your customers the opportunity to buy something special for a dad. 

21st- National Selfie Day

Encourage your followers to take a selfie. Picture evidence required. 

29th- Camera Day 

Think of a world without cameras.


Let’s see what amazing things people can do with all types of cameras. 

30th- Social Media Day 

Social media serves as a platform for many brand communities.

Celebrate every member of yours. 


1st- National Postal Worker Day 

Celebrate the postal workers who complete the buyer experience for your customers. 

1st- International Joke Day 

You don’t have to be funny to participate in this one.

Just brave. 

2nd- World UFO Day 

On this day, all unusual sightings matter.

Ask your audience to share their stories. 

4th- Independence Day (US)

It’s the Fourth of July!

Need we say more? 

17th- World Emoji Day 

Ever look back and wonder how we communicated emotions without emojis?

Ask your followers to try it again. 

26th- Aunt and Uncle Day

Let’s remember all the aunts and uncles who buy the gifts that parents never would. 

26th- Parents’ Day

Parents do such an awesome job for not just their families, but society at large.

Use your platform to recognize their hard work. 

30th- International Day of Friendship

Every adventure is better with friends.

Celebrate the friends that will follow us into anything. 


1st- National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends are the best cheerleaders anyone can ask for.

Give your customers a way to celebrate theirs. 

12th- Middle Child’s Day

Middle children should be recognized as often as their first and last siblings.

Treat your middle child customers extra special. 

18th- Bad Poetry Day

“On this day, everything is okay. Okay?”

19th- World Photo Day

Turn your social media pages into mini-galleries.

What’s the most breathtaking picture from your community? 

19th- World Humanitarian Day

Remind your followers to spread love.

And even more love. 

21st- Senior Citizens Day

Senior citizens are an integral part of our society.

Let’s give them some recognition. 

26th- Women’s Equality Day 

In several parts of the world, women are still faced with inequality.

Remind your followers to support related causes. 


5th- International Day of Charity

Charity starts with those closest to you.

Encourage everyone to show kindness. 

11th- 9/11 Remembrance 

Show solidarity with your American audience as they remember the heroes lost to 9/11. 

12th- National Video Games Day

The one day we must all geek out about our favorite video games. 

19th- International Talk Like a Pirate

No making fun of pirate accents on this day, bucko. 

20th- Wife Appreciation Day

Help partners celebrate their wives with the best offers you can create. 

21st- International Day of Peace

Let’s remember that the world is not at peace, and work towards creating it in our little ways. 

22nd- First Day of Fall

Have any ideas for Fall sales?

Start planning! 

29th- World Heart Day 

Present a little info session to remind everyone; we should be kind to our organs. 

30th- International Podcast Day

Do you have a marketing podcast?

Have you ever been featured on one?

Celebrate the hardworking podcasters out there. 


1st- World Vegetarian Day

Raise awareness about the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits it provides. 

2nd- World Smile Day

Celebrate smiles in every form as you remind your audience of the importance of good dental care. 

3rd- National Techies Day

Celebrate the tech innovations that have made a difference in your business.

Also, encourage your young audience to consider a future in tech. 

3rd- National Boyfriends Day

Help partners to create an extra special day for the boys and men in their lives.

Sweetness overload allowed. 

10th- World Mental Health Day

Show support to the people navigating life with ‘invincible’ health issues.

Remind your audience to check on their loved ones and strangers too. 

16th- World Food Day

Celebrate your favorite odd meals while drawing attention to causes that support those who have less. 

24th- Make a Difference Day 

A small token of kindness is all that’s required. 

31st- Halloween 

No limits. Just go crazy. 


1st- World Vegan Day 

Celebrate with vegans around the world by sharing awesome vegan meals and recipes. 

13th- World Kindness Day

Small acts of kindness make the world a better place.

Make a pledge and encourage your followers to do the same. 

14th- World Diabetes Day

Not enough people understand why or how diabetes happens.

Share some knowledge on this day. 

17th- National Entrepreneurs Day

Recognize the solopreneurs, small business owners, and big business owners who are trying to make something new. 

26th- Thanksgiving Day

Even if you’re not American, host a Friendsgiving celebration.

Also, discounts and offers, please. 

27th- Black Friday

Create enough buzz, advertise early enough, and prepare your team for frantic activity. 

28th- Small Business Saturday

Are you a B2B company?

Offer your smaller customers something special. 

30th- Cyber Monday

One-time offers only. 


1st- Giving Tuesday

We should all help someone enjoy the holidays a bit (or a lot) better. 

3rd- International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Ask your differently-abled customers how your brand/product/service experience can be more comfortable for them. 

15th- Free Shipping Day

Indulge if you can afford the costs of free shipping. 

20th- Go Caroling Day

All singing voices are allowed.

Seriously, have fun. 

24th- Christmas Eve

It’s the most magical night of the year.

Create an offer to make it even better. 

25th- Christmas Day

Spread the holiday cheer with good wishes. 

26th- Boxing Day

Talk to your communities.

How was their Christmas day? 

31st- New Year’s Eve 

It’s the night of making resolutions.

Ask your customers what would they like to see from you in the new year? 


There you go.

With this list, you should have your pick of ideas for monthly marketing campaigns.

For the best results, plan early.

Create your visuals and copy on time and schedule them as needed.

You’ll be ahead of your competition all year round! 

Finally, remember to share and bookmark this post so you can revisit the list whenever you need some inspiration.

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