Important Marketing Holidays for 2021

Important Marketing Holidays for 2021

Last updated on January 11, 2021

We all know that holidays are great for marketing and sales.

During these periods, customers are more likely to pay extra attention to brands, look out for good content, offers, and discounts.

As a marketer, consider leveraging holidays to attract new leads, stay top-of-mind for your current leads, and make sales.

That being said, here are some important marketing holidays you should include in your 2021 calendar.

Let us have a look.


1st: New Year’s Day

It is a time for new beginnings, resolutions and promises.

This is the perfect opportunity to share your business’ goals for the year and reassure your customers about your commitment to meeting their needs.

23rd: National Handwriting Day

Host a fun competition, have your customers send you a handwritten note and award the best calligraphies.

Important marketing holidays for 2021


24th: Compliment Day

Use this opportunity to let your customers know what you love about them.

26th: Spouse’s Day

Give your customers ideas on special things they can do for their spouses.



Monthly recognition: Black History Month

Celebrate black history month with your audience and acknowledge some of the faces of the movement.

1st: National Eat Icecream for Breakfast Day

Encourage them to eat a tasty dessert for breakfast.

3rd: Doggy Date Night

Encourage your audience to treat their furry friends to an indoor or outdoor date night.

4th: World Cancer Day

Use this opportunity to share facts and information about cancer to show your solidarity.

World Cancer Day


11th: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Appreciate the women and girls in science worldwide!

14th: Valentine’s Day

Spread love to your audience and encourage them  to do the same. You could offer discounts and special deals.

17th: National Drink Wine Day

Encourage your drinking audience to kick back with a bottle of wine.



3rd: World Wildlife Day

Share some facts about wildlife varieties worldwide.

5th: Employee Appreciation Day

Let your audience know how much your business values its staff. Celebrate them!

employee appreciation day


8th: International Women’s Day

Celebrate women worldwide by offering them discounts and special deals.

19: National Let’s Laugh Day

Share anecdotes about your business and make your audience laugh.

20th: International Day Of Happiness

Make your customers happy by offering them sweet deals.

31st: International Transgender Visibility Day

Show your solidarity with transgender people worldwide.



1st: April Fool’s Day

Make your audience laugh by playing a light prank on them.

2nd: World Autism Awareness Day

Raise awareness and support people on the autism spectrum worldwide using your platform.

4th: Easter

Celebrate with Christians worldwide on Easter!



11th: National Pet Day

Solicit for pictures of your audience’s furry friends, you could even offer a prize to the cutest!

22nd: Earth Day

Share some interesting facts about our planet to your audience.

29th: International Dance Day

Have your audience tag you to fun videos, or trend a hashtag with dance videos.

30th: Honesty Day

Ask your customers for areas where you can serve them better, and consider their honest opinions.



1st: International Worker’s Day

Show workers worldwide that they are appreciated with special deals or discounts.

9th: Mother’s Day

Show appreciation for mothers worldwide with special mother’s day offers.

13th: Eid al-Fitr

Observe Eid alongside muslims worldwide.  



Monthly recognition: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Show your solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

1st: Global Day of Parents

Appreciate parents worldwide with special deals.

5th: World Environment Day

Use this day to talk about the environment and encourage your audience to contribute to saving it.

world environment day


7th: Western Australia Day

Observe this cultural holiday with your Australian customers.

8th: National Best Friends Day

Join your customers in appreciating their special person.

16th: International Day of the African Child

Celebrate African children worldwide and showcase some of their talents.

20th: Father’s Day

Fathers are amazing and deserve all the love. Help your customers celebrate their fathers with special offers.




1st: International Joke Day

Invite your audience to share a joke or two and rate them. Be gentle.

4th: America’s Independence Day

Celebrate with your US audience.

10th: National Kitten’s Day

Host a catwalk contest and reward the cutest kitten- if you can pick one!



14th: Bastille Day

Join your French customers in observing one of their most significant cultural holidays.

30th: International Day of Friendship

Celebrate the beauty of friendship by offering special friendship deals to your customers.



1st: National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends, both platonic and romantic, are there when we need them. Help your customers appreciate theirs.

7th: Purple Heart Day

Acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices that brave people in the US military have made on this holiday.

9th: Islamic New Year

Wish muslims worldwide a happy new islamic year.

12th: International Youth Day

If you have a young audience demographic, it wouldn’t hurt to offer special deals to them.



5th: International Day of Charity

Show some kindness by giving out useful items to those who need it. Remember to encourage others to do the same.

6th: Labour Day

Workers have kept the economy running all year round, show them love on labour day.

7th: Brazil’s Independence Day

Celebrate with your Brazilian audience, if you have a measurable one, on their country”s independence!



11th: 9/11 Remembrance

Join the US in commemorating the lives lost to 9/11.



1st: National Poetry Day

Everyone can be a poet with the right encouragement. Have your community members dazzle you on national poetry day.

3rd: National Boyfriend Day

Help people nationwide make it a special holiday for the men in their lives.

10th: World Mental Health Day

Remind your audience worldwide to treat their mental health kindly.

31st: Halloween

It’s a spooky time.

Get creative.



1st: National Cook for Your Pets Day

See who can come up with the best recipes for their pets.

7th: National Cancer Awareness Day

Use your platform to raise awareness about cancer.

27th: Black Friday

Everyone is expecting it.

So be sure to promote your offerings early, and get your team ready for the biggest sales day of the year. 



1st: World AIDS Day

Raise awareness using your platform.

14th: National Free Shipping Day

Need I say more?

24th: Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas, make it a magical experience for your audience.

25th: Christmas Day

Spread love and holiday wishes on Christmas.

Or simply take the day off.



26th: Boxing Day

Follow-up on your customers by asking how their holidays went.

31st: New Year’s Eve

The perfect time for resolutions and making goals. Share your goals with your audience and urge them to share theirs.


With this list, you should already have some ideas for your brand’s 2021 marketing activities.

There are a variety of holidays to choose from, so be sure to create monthly marketing campaigns that suit your brand and its audiences.

Remember to bookmark this page so you can find it easily whenever you need some more inspiration.

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Comments on Important Marketing Holidays for 2021

  1. B says:

    Thanks for this post, it’s exactly what i have been thinking of.
    The other aspect I have been wondering about is –
    How far before the upcoming “events”
    – should we start actually promoting products
    – how far ahead of time can you suggest we might need to actually start
    planning out and creating the product(s)
    I realise that is an impossible questions in many ways, but any advise you can give would be very grestfully received.
    Thanks very much, and wish you well in you and your families lives for 2021. Much love B

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Berenice.

      I guess there is no concrete answer but I think the month before the event you plan to do stuff for is a good guideline.

      All the best for 2021 too 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    I like it. I have a vid software that has a calendar of events such as these; almost every day is a ‘day’ and there are posts for each of them that you can produce for businesses wanting socmed exposure. Now I am wondering if / or how to incorporate these posts for my business social media. Thx for the brain stir.
    Well, maybe shaken, not stirred 🙂

    1. Adam Payne says:

      I think I know the software and yes, having these things is pretty useful.

      I think for some of them it would be well worth incorporating 🙂


  3. Bill Davis says:

    This is an EXCELLENT resource! Thank you so much. Lots of great ideas here…would love to import this into my calendar!

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Thanks Bill. Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. mark melberzs-rozitis says:

    Hello Adam,
    Have a software system that highlights almost every day if not each day of the year for something to do/market. In video. Great heads up tool to DO SOMETHING. And YOUR monthly listing is none lesser!
    Too much thinking most of the time, with not enough doing.
    Thanks Adam . . . 🙂

    1. Adam Payne says:

      Hi Mark,

      Many thanks and InVideo is a great tool.


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