The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Niche for Video

Choosing a Niche for Video

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Videos are big business.

Look at YouTube for example.

You can find billions of videos covering topics from the mainstream to the weird and wonderful.

Videos cover all walks of life.

But the question remains.

How do these people find their niche?

If you are looking to make video, then your niche will define you.

It will give you meaning.

It will give you purpose.

There are riches in them niches (it reads better on the page than it sounds on the ear!)

With this in mind, let’s take a look at choosing a niche for video.

And what it means for you.

Choosing a niche for video

What Is A Niche?

Start at the beginning.

A niche is the topic that your videos will follow.

Not the topic of a single video.

The theme that your set of videos will create.

The full set of your videos will fit nicely together.

They will form a complete set.

People will seamlessly follow from one to the next.

If you know what you want to produce, then you probably have a niche already set.

Look at vlogging or gaming as niches that seem to be immensely popular on YouTube.

People will record their daily lives or themselves playing games.

There is a ready-made audience for this.

The creators of these videos have found their niche.

It may not be something you or I are into, but there are a ton of folk who love this stuff.

So, we can also see that a niche defines an audience.

Why Have A Niche?

Once you have a niche, everything else becomes simple.

You will have a common theme to work to.

Rather than sit for hours scratching your head deciding what to record, you already have that theme.

It cuts down on the creative time of planning.

It also helps you to connect to your audience.

If you know who you are making videos for, then you have a good idea of what to produce.

If you don’t have people out there ready, eager and waiting to watch what you produce then it can feel a lonely place.

People make videos for others to enjoy.

This can be for pleasure, business or personal satisfaction.

Knowing what your audience wants to see and hear puts you one step ahead of the game.

People will find you when they search.

Having a niche means you find the right audience.

And Knowing how to ‘do’ YouTube means your audience finds you.

Think about the way the internet works.

Say you have a vlog based on DIY.

You are competing against some pretty major players.

You might find it difficult to get found.

Difficult to gain traction.

Difficult to build an audience.

Now say you have a vlog that helps women to fix things such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

Simple tips, making it easy to save money and the environment at the same time.

Now you have a better niche.

And a more defined audience as opposed to anyone looking for DIY related stuff.

You can be found over the big boys (or girls)

They won’t have your level of detail.

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How To Find A Niche: Your Interest

The very first place to start is by looking in the mirror.

Don’t look for trends.

Don’t try to find a killer idea.

Looking for that viral topic is akin to crossing your fingers and hoping you win the lottery.

Choosing a niche for video

Instead, look at yourself –

  • What are you interested in?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What makes you tick?

People love to hear from people who love their topic.

It makes their heart sing.

When thinking about your niche, think about what works for you.

Going out there are researching a whole new topic is hard work.

You have to learn before you can make video.

You have to read.

You have to act.

All of this just to get into the right place to make video.

Don’t get me wrong.

A vlog recording what you have learned has a place.

People on the same journey will want to connect with you.

But sharing your knowledge and experience comes from what you already know.

If you have a good knowledge of something, then you are in a better place than 90% or more of the potential audience.

Which is where many people get scared.

You don’t need to be the world’s best on your topic, you just need to know a little more that your target audience.

People want to hear from someone who loves their subject matter.

Whether this is blogs, books, TV shows, podcasts or videos.

Make videos that make your heart sing.

It will come through in every second of footage.

Steve Irwin loved animals and exploring the natural world.

He became a worldwide phenomenon.

His daughter is following in the same footsteps.

Stampy was a trailblazer in terms of gaming videos.

He had a huge passion for the games he was playing.

He got people into Minecraft and made a stack of money on the back of it.

These are the kind of people who are hitting it off with their audience.

You should look to do the same.

For the likes of Stampy and Steve Irwin, this wasn’t a job.

It was their passion.

How To Find A Niche: What The Public Wants

Now it’s all well and good following your passions.

But what if nobody else shares them?

(I am a Leyton Orient fan for example). 

What if you are the only person into sheep farming in North Norfolk?

You ‘might’ have a niche.

But no audience.

If you are making video for profit, then this represents a problem.

There are two solutions –

  1. Wait around long enough for the audience to arrive
  2. Look elsewhere

If you can see the audience, then you might want to wait.

Not wait as in do nothing.

Actually make the videos now.

Know that they will find you soon enough.

Niche Selection

No Passion?

At any rate, we don’t all have a passion.

Or we don’t have one we can put on video.

We might have to look away from the mirror.

We might have to look at the world around us.

There are articles all over the internet relating to the most popular markets for video.

Each list will include some or all of the following –

And there are more.

Under each of these headings will be a series of narrower niches.

So, for instance, under food you might get niches of people eating food, reviewing food, Japanese food, etc.

How To Find A Niche: What You Would Be Motivated To Learn Well

You maybe don’t have a niche readily prepared from your passions.

You maybe don’t want to follow the crowd.

There are other ways to find a niche.

There might be some topics out there you would love to learn about.

If you think you are motivated enough to become an expert, then choose one of those.

There could be potential markets out there for topics.

You might not know a great deal about them right now.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make that your niche.

Choosing your niche for video can give you the opportunity to follow an underdeveloped passion.

You might have always wanted to skydive.

Or make models of characters from your favourite TV show.

Out of lolly sticks.

Whatever it is, follow a new passion and you could have a niche for your videos.

As we’ve always mentioned, there is video potential in the learning too.

People on the same path want to know how you have developed.

Showing this in video format could be very inspirational.

Don’t think that your job is as boring as watching paint dry.

There is an audience out there that would love to do what you do.

And they would love to do it as well as you do.

How To Find A Niche: What You Do For A Living

Now, you may think that your job is not very interesting.

But that doesn’t mean that others think that too.

Your profession might be one that others want to get into.

They might want a pointer or two.

If you have built up skills over time, then other people want to know what you know –

  • Maybe you passed exams
  • Possibly you supervise others
  • There’s a chance you train, coach or mentor people in your team
  • There’s every chance you have developed skills

All of this is manna from heaven for people who want to do what you do.

They want to know the skills and behaviours that have made you a success.

Think about what other people might want to know about what you do.

Trade secrets are all well and good, but do they undermine your profession?

Best practice is a much better way of sharing information that others can use.

Start by writing a list of all the skills you have in your current job role.

This list can form the basis for potential videos.

How To Find A Niche: What Others Are Doing Well

There is an art in imitation.

If you look at the most popular video makers on the internet, you will find a flurry of imitators not far behind them.

Not being the innovator or number on doesn’t mean you can’t find a viable audience.

The people occupying the number 2, 3, 4 and beyond in a particular niche can still have a huge audience.

And the money that comes with this.

If someone is doing something well, you can do something just as well.

You might not get followers in the tens of millions bit there is still a value in a smaller but significant audience.

If you are looking to make video to gain views, then following what others are already doing well can give you a good market.

Video views

Looking for a niche that others are hitting the heights can give you a strong footing.

Sites such as YouTube can put your video as ‘recommended’ after a viewer watches the leader in your field.

Get the keywords and tags right and you can develop an audience in the coattails of others.

How To Find A Niche: What Others Are Doing Not So Well

There are video niches out there people are doing well.

You can bet your bottom dollar there are some where people are making a real hash of it.

These might give you the right niche to make hay.

Looking for niches where people are delivering poor video can be a road to the top.

Bad video

Thinking that you can do something better is one thing.

Proving that you can do better is much more satisfying.

And much more rewarding.

To know what these are, you have to be a consumer too.

Many of the tips we have here need you to consume video in order to –

  • Know what people want
  • Understand what the competition has to offer
  • See what people are watching

And now you can find your niche by consuming videos that just aren’t good enough.

This may be the most obscure way of finding a niche on our list be has to be worth it!

If you can find a niche that deserves quality video but doesn’t already have it then you can generate great followers very quickly.

It may be a number of things that make the video less than perfect.

The quality of the images, the sound, the scripts, the videography, the message to audience match.

Let’s delve deeper into the the audience by dong a bit of research into a particular example.

An Avatar for for videos

Let’s say for arguments sake that you are a keen golfer. 

And so, you decide to choose golf as your niche for video.

Golf as a niche

If you stop there, you will probably struggle.

Golf itself is an ok starting point, but let’s drill down.

Are you going to focus on beginners? Advanced? Children?

They are not all the same audience and if you try to attract them all, you’ll not have the success you hope for.

Now you may not be the best golfer in the world and so targeting advanced level golfers may leave you feeling uncomfortable.

So you decide to focus on beginners. 

Avatar Keywords

Put yourself in their mind and think of 5-7 ‘How To’ phrases that a beginner golfer would type into Youtube.

Note: Do this for whatever niche/avatar combo you have in mind.

Here are some examples:

  • How to drive further
  • How to swing a golf club

Now, as you being typing into YouTube (and Google for that matter), what’s called the autocomplete function will kick into play and other suggestions will be provided like so:

All of these new phrases are potential video topics.

Do the same for Google.

But in addition, hit enter and go to the bottom of the page.

Another option is to use Tube Buddy to see what terms are suitable for YouTube videos.

Here are some that Tube Buddy threw up for a golf search.

If you struggle to find enough terms that you can make a video about then this is a sign that it is not a good niche for you to go into.

The Competition

Even if you pass the keyword test it’s still advisable to check out the competition and to be aware of your limitations.

As you can see, all the top videos relating to golf have people on the course and a decent set up.

If this is beyond what you can do, then you may want to reconsider.

Certain niches require you to have access to the outside,  a decent sized garage etc.

Sure, you can start small but to really compete is a different matter.

Now, there are many channels that have done very well using slideshow videos like those that Content Samurai allow.

The Natural Cures channel is a prime example. 

They chose a niche that does not require the things we have spoke about.

Not Only YouTube

It isn’t just YouTube that you can use video on.

There are many other social media that use video as part of their platform. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being the most common.

Each of these will have certain audiences they attract.

YouTube, however, is the largest.

This means if you are looking to monetise, this is where you should start.


Finding a niche for your video will change what you do forever.

It will make the process easier.

This guide will help you to decide what the right niche is for you.

And power you to success in the future.

Good luck in finding your niche and here’s a little video on this whole topic.

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    And also, If it is beyond what you want to do, or know you are not going to stick to it and/or loss interest … you might want to reconsider…

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try, don’t use it to make an excuse not to start and see what happens…

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