Video Marketing Benefits for Local Businesses

Video Marketing Benefits for Local Businesses

Last updated on January 12, 2021

Video marketing is praised for connecting brands with consumers across the world.

But as a local business, your marketing goals are probably a bit different.

You’re trying to grow market share within a local vicinity: a community, town, or city.

With this in mind, you may be wondering if video marketing holds any benefit for your brand.

Should you be using up your marketing resources to create video content for the world wide web? 

The answer is yes.

Video marketing offers a lot of benefits for local businesses.

A study shows that 97% of consumers learn more about local businesses online.

While the internet provides global access, users still need it to find local services.

Since 72% of users prefer video content over text, your local business could be losing out by not using video marketing.

Several opportunities can be maximized using video content. 

Ready to learn more?

Here are the benefits of using video marketing for your local business. 

12 Video Marketing Benefits for Local Business

  1. Connect with your local audience online

Every business is about the people it serves.

In your case, you have a specific segment of people who you’re trying to reach and connect with.

Video is an excellent medium for this goal because people love it.

They actively seek it out.

Data shows that 72% of users will choose video content over text.

If you’re looking to connect with your audience online, you have to provide the content that appeals to them. 

Using video content, you can create highly targeted messages which local users can relate to.

You can achieve this by creating personalized content.

Different types of video content can be designed to connect with your audience better.

You can shoot videos in commonly known areas within your city to grab attention.

You can personalize customer service by making short videos of your customer service rep(s).

They could introduce themselves and ask people to reach out to them if needed. 

2. Increase in-store visits and sales 

In a Google study, 72% of consumers who searched for local information on their smartphones visited a store within 5 miles.

A lot of the products and services which consumers need are still heavily accessed through in-store visits.

Using video content, you can encourage potential customers to visit your location or reach out to your business. 

Clinique’s 6-month study on the offline effects of their Facebook ads represents this benefit well.

A driving force for the sale of Clinique products is that buyers get assistance when they walk into the store.

So when moving to online video advertising for their offline stores, Clinique UK’s marketing team wanted to ensure that they were getting value for their money.

In the form of in-store sales.

Their results showed that the online video campaigns brought in a significant amount of offline buyers to the Clinique stores. 

3. Build trust and brand loyalty

Local businesses offer an in-person experience that cannot be replicated online.

This is why many people choose to patronize local businesses (such as a local coffee shop over Starbucks).

The personalized experience helps consumers build trust in the brand and develop a level of brand loyalty.

Quality video content can be used to communicate this experience.

The intended effect can be shared through your brand messages and values. 

Videos, in-person customer reviews are more trustworthy than text reviews.

Consumers know that some unethical brands fake their reviews, which makes them wary.

Asking customers for short, reviews-style videos taken on a smartphone at your business front is all you need.

Such content can push potential customers, who are still doubtful, in the right direction.

We already know that many people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

When these reviews are authentic, engaging videos, their impact could increase significantly. 

Video content also personalizes your brand by putting a face to the brand.

Creating behind-the-scenes videos with your team can make your brand appear more trustworthy.

Customers prefer to feel like they’re talking to a person, not a faceless brand.

Such experiences are best shared with your audience using video.

They could develop some trust and loyalty to your brand even before the first sale. 

4. Increase social shares within the target audience 

Social videos now generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined.

By creating video content, you can significantly improve your social engagement and shares.

Your content will also be shared with the audience that matters.

A local follower or subscriber is likely to have other local potential customers on their social media pages. 

A high share power makes it easier for local audiences to find your brand on social media.

Unless you’re investing heavily in location-based advertising, it’s not easy to segment social media audiences organically.

The best way to do this is by connecting with them through mutual local followers.

Because videos are more engaging, they are the best type of content to achieve more social visibility. 

5. Better results with local influencer marketing

You don’t need big influencers and celebrities to succeed in influencer marketing.

Even if your business has the budget, the returns may not be worth the investment.

However, your business can benefit from creating videos with local influencers.

These are people who have small but highly-targeted fanbases.

They are also known as micro-influencers (although not all micro-influencers will be local).

Right now, there are local influencers in your city, which people look up to for their opinions and recommendations.

You just have to find them. 

Video is currently the most popular medium for influencer marketing.

It offers viewers a personalized experience.

They can watch their favorite influencers engage with your brand reps or use your products or services.

An influencer’s attitude, gestures, facial expressions, and overall reaction are the little details that contribute to a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

6. Improve brand recognition and recall 

The content your brand creates should be memorable.

This will help you stay top-of-mind for your target audience.

When your audience can recall a social share or advert from your brand, it becomes easier to match you to a need that arises. Click To Tweet

The best form of content for brand recognition and recall is video.

Studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message when compared to 10% from reading text. 

Your audience is exposed to a lot of information daily.

They will have to (subconsciously) pick and choose which information is retained.

Research by Hubspot shows that 80% of customers remember a video they viewed in the past month.

Videos last longer in a viewer’s mind because they are engaging.

They can also be used for storytelling, which holds the audience’s attention better.

The results of using videos for your marketing can be significantly higher than text and images combined. 

7. Boost GMB performance

Google My Business (GMB) is the largest online directory and business listing service.

Google hosts this service for free.

Businesses can create their GMB pages and list address, opening hours, customer service numbers, images, videos, Google Reviews, and so on.

GMB pages are relevant because Google places them at the top of the search result, even before websites. 

Here’s what GMB listings for my search of “gyms in Newark Nj” shows: 

Google prioritizes businesses that fill out the details of their GMB listing.

This means that the more information provided, the higher your listing could rank.

Google launched the GMB video feature in 2018.

Since then, they have encouraged businesses to add videos to their GMB pages to improve rankings and user experience. 

8. Improve visibility for ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ searches 

As Google improves its location-based search, more users are asking “near me” and “close by” queries.

You’ve probably asked for “pizza places near me” or “dry cleaners near me” at some point in the past.

Between 2013-2019, there was a 900% increase in these searches.

When users run these searches, Google compares their device location to listings on their search engine to find relevant results. 

If you have your location details on the business website and GMB profile, your business is optimized for these searches.

However, there’s one more set of content which Google places at the top.

That’s right: videos!

Even websites with videos will have three times more inbound links than sites with plain text.

Google is all about providing the best user experience.

They know that their users love video content, and will continue to optimize for that.

As a business, you should be working in sync with this strategy, not against it. 

9. Create high-performing geo-targeted video adverts

Geo-targeting, also known as local PPC, allows advertisers to target an audience within a specific location.

This means that your adverts will only be displayed to people within a preset geographic ‘fence’.

There’s a general assumption that video ads perform better than text and image ads.

This assumption is true.

A survey shows that 83% of businesses see an increase in their ROI (Return on Investment) through video content. 

10. Share customer experience and feedback

How often do brands get to meet customers and get first-hand feedback?

As a local business, you get this opportunity often.

You can take advantage of it, and improve its effect by collecting video feedback.

Video feedback or reviews provide an authentic appeal.

They’re not as easy to fake as bot-generated text reviews.

They also show that your consumers are satisfied with the products and services of your business. 

Also, video feedback provides potential customers with more details than text feedback.

Video Marketing Benefits for Local Businesses

Most clients will write a 1-2 line review when prompted.

With videos, they can say a lot more and provide the little details which potential customers are looking out for.

These videos will also give a chance to show, on-camera, the relationship between your clients and brand reps, which is a deciding factor for many people. 

11. Improve landing page conversion

Adding a video to your landing page can improve its conversion by 80%.

Videos also help potential consumers connect with your brand quickly.

For example, let’s say you own (or manage) a plumbing business.

You’re also testing landing page options for your business website.

On one landing page, you have a plain wall of text and your company’s contact information.

On the other test page, you have a ‘Welcome’ video with someone wearing a goofy smile and your company logo.

Which one would a first-time visitor connect with better? 

If they’re like me, they’ll connect with the second option better.

Websites can be impersonal, which isn’t always a good thing.

Video Marketing Benefits for Local Businesses

Including a video on your landing page could provide the compelling introduction users need. 

12. Create awareness for local sales events 

If you’ve been planning an event, videos can be used to improve your turnout rate.

They can be used to build excitement, show the audience behind-the-scenes views, encourage registration, and so on.

You can also use clips from previous events to create a compelling video advert.

Creating video teasers can help to grab the attention of your target audience. 

To recap… 

This article has been quite a read.

Here’s a recap of the benefits of video marketing for local businesses.

  1. Connect with your local audience online
  2. Increase in-store visits and sales
  3. Build trust and brand loyalty
  4. Increase social shares within the target audience 
  5. Better results with local influencer marketing
  6. Improve brand recognition and recall 
  7. Boost GMB performance
  8. Improve visibility for ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ searches 
  9. Create high-performing geo-targeted video adverts
  10. Share customer experience and feedback
  11. Improve landing page conversion
  12. Create awareness for local sales events 

Still not convinced that video marketing can help your local business?

Try it out with a small test.

Learn about how other brands incorporate videos into their marketing strategy.

Start yours with a small, inexpensive project.

Measure for results as you go.

Like every other aspect of marketing, videos will take some time to fine-tune.

With the right planning and efforts, it could eventually become a huge part of your marketing strategy.

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  1. Logan Badger says:

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    Great article chock full of reasons for local businesses to use video marketing…I will be using this as a reference to our prospects when this subject comes up (and it will)…

    I think many business owners are somewhat aware that they need to be doing more with video, and perhaps this will push them to do it! When that happens, we will be standing by, ready to execute…

    Videos can complement any other strategy they may use for marketing and improve results markedly. If they work with the right people (our agency, for instance) they can incorporate this element at a reasonable price too.

    Is there any particular style of video that works better do you think (i.e. animated, typography, explainer, etc.)? Perhaps that depends on the market niche and intent? This is the approach we’re using now (niche and intent)…


    I’ve shared this so you get more eyes on this excellent post. Thanks!

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      Thanks Dave. Much appreciated.

      Personally, I think there is a place for all video types. And I also think it does depend on the niche and the medium on which they are delivered.

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    Great article! Very detailed and spot on! I was there (in my living room stoned) when MTV’s first video aired “Video killed the radio star (The Buggles)” on At 12:01 am on August 1, 1981 and ever since then, videos have consumed my thoughts. Now 38 years later, I’m just now focusing on offering videos for businesses as a legitimate service with ROI!

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