How to Find Music for YouTube Videos

How to Find Music for YouTube Videos

Last updated on January 11, 2021

As YouTube video content creation grows in popularity, content creators are faced with certain challenges while creating their videos.

One of such challenges is choosing the right background music track for a YouTube video.

As a YouTube creator, you know that adding background music to your videos increases their appeal to your viewers.

But to do this, you may have also noticed how difficult it is to find good background music tracks that do not infringe on copyright laws. 

Luckily, there are helpful resources and platforms to make it easier for you to find music that fits well with any type of video content you want to put out.

Many online platforms such as the YouTube audio library, Envato library, Audio Jungle, Bensound, Infinitunes, Artlist, Musicbed and so on are packed with diverse audio tracks that can be added to your YouTube videos.

How to Find Music for YouTube Videos

In this article, we will be sharing helpful information about these platforms including what they are, the resources they provide, where you can find them, and how to use them.

7 Most Recommended Music Sources for YouTube Videos

YouTube audio library

The audio library is a YouTube channel that currently contains thousands of music tracks and sound effects that are completely free and available for YouTube content creators to download and use for all kinds of creative purposes, this includes but is not limited to background music for YouTube videos.

This platform also allows music artists to submit their audio tracks in addition to the music collections that are currently available.

This helps to grow the number of tracks available for your use.

There are quite a lot of genres available in this library, that includes classical, pop, R&B, etc.

Songs are also classified based on moods, such as angry, happy, romantic, and so on.

The tracks available in this library can be downloaded, remixed and used without royalties.

Studio Library

Below are some tips for your use in accessing and editing your videos in the YouTube audio library:

  • Sign in to YouTube studio.
  • From the menu on the left, select Audio Library.
  • Browse from the available collections to find a track that fits.
  • To sample a track, simply press play.
  • If you find a track you would like to save for a later occasion, click on the star icon to add it to your favourites.
  • The audio library contains five filters that can be used in fine-tuning results, namely; genre, duration, mood, attribution and instrument.
  • These filters can be used simultaneously to arrive at the best results.

Envato library

The Envato library falls under Envato Elements, and it offers a collection of over fifty six thousand music tracks that can be accessed royalty-free.

Envato Music library

While the Envato elements website contains a lot more than music tracks, as a YouTube content creator, you will find it an excellent resource for finding background music for your YouTube videos.

This platform also contains hundreds of thousands of sound effects that can make your content a lot more interesting.

To make use of the Envato library, you can create a free account that grants you limited access to music tracks and other interesting features of the platform.

However, a paid subscription will grant users unlimited access to all tracks and features of the platform.

Here are some important things you should note before using Envato library:

  • To access the tracks, you will have to create an account.
  • Creating an account is free of charge, but free accounts have limited access. Paid subscriptions grant unlimited access, and these subscription plans start from $16.50 per month.
  • The Envato music library has a wide range of filters, these are broken down into; categories, vocals, tempo, length, and properties to ensure precise results that work for you.
  • Each filter has a variety of sub-filters.
  • Tracks can be downloaded for use, and also bookmarked for later use.
  • Tracks can be sampled by simply pressing play.


Unlike the previously mentioned online platforms, Infinitunes does not come with pre-made tracks.

This platform is used to create personalised audio tracks to perfectly match your video content.

This is particularly noteworthy because the ability to create your own tracks makes it possible to have tracks that match the voice, tempo, mood, and length of your YouTube video.


This site is not just another library, every time a track is sampled by pressing play, it generates a new sound.

An added advantage is the fact that creating your own sound is an easy and straightforward process.

Generated tracks can be reused and distributed for all purposes without any copyright restrictions.

However, access to this site is not free of charge.

Presently, the site offers the chance of gaining access through a simple one-time payment. This offer is a “launch” bonus.

Once the launch is over, new customers would have to pay monthly or yearly for a subscription.

After subscribing, you can make use of these services in three simple steps as follows:

  • Generate an audio track using the available filters such as genre, activities, mood, and length.
  • Press play. With each click, a unique track is generated. Listen to it and make whatever adjustments are needed until you achieve a sound you are satisfied with.
  • Add the personalized music track to your video. Combine the unique audio track with any video by simply clicking the “add to video” icon next to the track. The video can be uploaded anywhere and also commercialized as the site will automatically include a commercial license.

Note: As a newer option, time will tell at how this stands over time.


A lot of tracks on Bensound can easily be recognized in many YouTube videos, for example, the Ukulele and Hey! are often used in educational or tutorial videos.

Bensound is another website that offers pre-made tracks and can be utilized in finding background music for any YouTube video. 


The music contained in this website can be used either for free (with conditions), or you could purchase a professional license that gives you unlimited access.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • For free use, bear in mind that usage comes with some restrictions and under certain conditions. Tracks can be used in videos and other multimedia projects as long as Bensound is credited in the description in whatever project they are used, in this case, your YouTube video. However, these tracks cannot be used in audiobooks, audio podcasts, song-making or music remixes.
  • A professional license can be obtained which does not require you to credit Bensound when using their track, gives you access to higher sound quality, and licensing certificate.
  • Music on the site is divided into eight categories, each group containing a specific type of sound. 
  • For free use, signup or login is not required, you can simply download tracks directly from the “download” button and edit them to your YouTube videos.


Artlist contains unlimited audio tracks and special effects and is a great resource for content creators looking to add spice to their videos by using background music.

You can sign up to this platform for free, add tracks to your library and download them for use, but to gain access to licensing for the tracks and special effects that this site offers, you have to subscribe to one of their paid plans. 


There are three of these plans, one for special effects, one for music, and one that combines and offers benefits for both.

There is no alternative for buying the license to individual tracks without subscribing to plans that offer unlimited licensing benefits.

This could be problematic if the audio track is needed for a one-time YouTube video production.

Some few things to note when using Artlist are listed as follows.

  • You can signup to the website free of charge and download tracks but to access the license for the audio tracks or special effects, you would have to subscribe to a paid plan. You cannot purchase individual tracks.
  • There are three plans available, one offers unlimited licensing for special effects only, one offers unlimited licensing for music only, and one offers unlimited licensing for both. All plans are set at different prices and also include added benefits as stated on the website.
  • Background music for videos can be filtered using genre, mood, video theme and instrument.
  • There is also a wide range of special effects available for use in your video.

Audio Jungle

Audio jungle is a music platform with over six hundred thousand music tracks submitted by independent artists and sound engineers.

These tracks were reviewed and uploaded and can be bought or downloaded directly from the site without signing up or subscribing to plans.


These tracks are sorted into different categories or moods to enable users to easily find the kind of sound they need and is another great resource for finding music for YouTube videos.

Categories exist for tracks within certain price ranges and could go for as low as $5, this is quite helpful for the YouTuber on a budget. 

The site in itself is simple, straightforward and lacks clutter.

Downloading and buying tracks can be done in one or two clicks.

Here are some tips for navigating Audio Jungle:

  • Featured tracks can be downloaded for free, but purchase is required for unlimited or unrestricted use.
  • All featured tracks are royalty-free.
  • Tracks can be sampled and saved for later use.
  • Music tracks are sorted by genre and mood. Each category has several subcategories.
  • Generally, audio is classified into music, music packs, music kits, sound effects etc.

Music Bed 

Music Bed is another great platform that offers tracks that can be used as background music for YouTube videos.

The music here can be sampled, but full previews and downloads are available only after the user has signed up on the website.

The platform offers other interesting features such as playlists and filters, as well as the option to save tracks to projects they would be used on.

Music Bed

There is also the option to add a track to your favourites for future use.

Most of the features are available after signing up, and creating an account is free of charge. 

When using Music Bed, remember:

  • To access most of the features, including a full track preview, you would need to create a free account on the platform.
  • You can search for specific songs free of charge after signing up.
  • The platform offers a subscription for unlimited music access.
  • There is the option of purchasing a license for a single song if you do not want to subscribe to a plan.
  • The platform offers help in finding a track that is perfectly suited for your project. This service does not attract any additional cost.
  • You can also get custom music tailored to suit your project.


Finding the perfect background music for a YouTube video could pose a challenge, but some platforms offer a wide range of tracks, sounds and effects to choose from.

Some offer free options such as the YouTube audio library, Envato music library, and Bensound, while others require a subscription or a one-time purchase.

Look through the available options to make an informed decision and find the perfect source for background music for your videos.

PS…We hope you liked this article on how to find music for your YouTube videos. Tell us what your preference is below.

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