How to get YouTube Channel Subscribers

Last updated on January 12, 2021

In today’s competitive digital space, videos are the best content tools to reach your target audience.

People watch more videos than they read blogs, they share videos 1200x more than other content, and they retain more information about a brand from videos than text-based content 

Now, this doesn’t just happen when they stumble on a video. 

Internet users actively search for video content about everything, including brands and products that they have an interest in.

Remember how people say, “If a brand doesn’t have social media, I can’t trust them?”.

We’re almost at the point where the audience and customers would say that about videos. 

In a digital world where brands use videos to establish their credibility and create relationships with their customers, your brand should not be left behind.

It’s also not just enough to create video content.

You have to build an audience base.

This article will focus on gaining YouTube channel subscribers who will watch, share, engage with, and even convert from your video content.  

Why Choose YouTube? 

Using YouTube’s resources is an effective way to reach a wider target audience and promote your product or services online.

Check out some of the interesting YouTube stats below. 

  • 79% of internet users say they have a YouTube account, making the platform the largest and most popular video sharing site in the world.
  • YouTube has over 1.9 billion registered users monthly. It’s a marketing magnet!
  • Nearly eight out of ten i.e. 78.8% of users believe it is the most effective platform for video marketing.

Convincing right? 

Your target audience or demographic is most likely on YouTube.

You just need to find them.

So, how do you go about building your army of YouTube subscribers for your business? 

Let’s get started…

How to Get YouTube Channel Subscribers  

Pick a YouTube channel theme or niche.

Picking a theme for your YouTube videos is just like trying to plot the perfect novel.

The theme is the central idea to support your YouTube goals. 

Why is it important to pick your YouTube channel theme?

Themes help you add more structure to your content plan.

If your company offers a SaaS, then your theme could be tutorials for your users.

That gives you a good idea of the type of content to create.

You can now look at the frequent problems which users reach out to you for, and create tutorial videos to take that weight off your customer service. 

Ask people to subscribe

This probably sounds mundane in a world where we can hack/automate anything.

But the best way to get your first few subscribers is by simply telling people to subscribe.

They won’t if you don’t ask them to. 

Even when people start viewing your videos, encourage those viewers to subscribe.

Don’t assume because you churn out amazing content, they will make an automatic decision to subscribe.

Some will.

Some won’t.

Viewers are mostly concerned with what you are offering them.

If it’s interesting, they’ll stay till the end and bounce without tapping the subscribe button–unless you ask them to. 

There are subtle ways of doing this.

You can do a CTA (call to action), something like this: 

“Thanks for watching this video. If you want more videos like this, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below for more!”

Use stickers on the screen to show exciting offers.

Then get to the point quickly–humans have a short attention lifespan–so cut out any irrelevant info.

Finally, after hooking and driving home your point, create a space or moment in your video where you ask viewers to subscribe.

Bonus tip: show your audience where to hit the big red subscribe button by using infographics in your video or a watermark.

You can also use an end screen.

End screens appear at the end of videos and feature large clickable subscribe buttons which makes them visible to viewers.

Promote your YouTube channel on social media by publishing regularly

The primary home of your videos may be YouTube, but don’t forget to share the content on other platforms available to you.

When you go live, make it a point to let your followers or audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms know about it. 

Use hashtags to widen your reach and vivid images to invite interests.

If you don’t have any, now’s the time to create one for your brand.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be challenging.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your posts or engage your audience.

As a result, it is important to schedule your content.

Apps like Buffer offer add-ons that allow you to easily and effectively cross-promote your content using its inbuilt integrated social media feature.

We, however, created Embedinate to distribute our videos effectively.

Customize eye-catching thumbnails

Creating eye-catching thumbnails for your videos will not only expand your online presence but also leads to more views, clicks, and subscribers.

If you want clicks and traffic, don’t ignore the power of thumbnails.

Below are guidelines to follow when creating or customizing your thumbnail for your YouTube channel:

  • Use high-quality images. Blurry or low-resolution images will ward off viewers. 
  • Use custom thumbnails: If not, YouTube will snap a screenshot of your videos to use as thumbnails. Sadly, sometimes, these algorithms pick up just about anything from your video as a thumbnail. Because of this, your target audience can be misled even though you have a captivating title. To avoid this, ensure your thumbnails are professionally shot, well-edited and carry in them a good tease of what your video offers. 
  • Direct your audience’s eyes to where you want them to focus on your thumbnails by varying the contrasts of the shot. This way, when they search for anything related to what your YouTube videos are offering, they won’t miss your video when it appears in their search results.
  • All the thumbnails on your channel should be consistent. Viewers should be able to recognize your video in the search result without having to search too hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Also, try to show emotion in your thumbnails. Let your thumbnails invoke intrigue, excitement, entertainment, or anything capable of luring viewers.

Interact with your audience and make friends

Likability wins.

If you want to attract people, you or your brand representatives should seem likable.

get YouTube Channel Subscribers

When you engage your audience, they will keep turning up when you release new videos. 

And guess what? 

Your level of likability increases with time.

Engaging with your audience is very easy.

Like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, YouTube allows you to connect with your audience by liking, commenting, or replying. 

When you do this often your online presence will rank higher than most YouTube videos that ignore this golden rule.

It sends a positive signal to YouTube.

More importantly, when you interact with your audience, you’re bonding with them.

It’s like a relationship within a community where you know everyone and it’s so easy to get along with them. 

Another exciting advantage of interacting with your audience is that they will provide you plenty of free ideas on what to create for your next videos.

Use keywords in your video titles and define your niche

Did you know that YouTube videos also show up in Google search results?

Here’s an example from the search “how to make banana bread”. 


This means that your videos are likely to pop up in a traditional Google search 

There is a ‘but’ though.

YouTube videos will appear in search engines when they contain keywords viewers are looking for.

Just like using keywords wisely when writing a blog post, you must do the same for your YouTube videos.

This helps promote your videos’ viewership and make them appear in search results faster when your audience searches for keywords tied to your videos.

For example, if your YouTube channel is focused on car sales, repairs, and maintenance, doing a keyword search before uploading your video might reveal what your audience is searching for.

Queries such as: trading up your old car or should you repair your car before selling it, might pop up.

Tube Buddy is a fantastic way to manage your YouTube channel:

You can use this to create more content that meets the demands of your audience, boosting your online presence and no. of subscribers.

Some of the best YouTube SEO practices that’ll get you more subscribers are:

  • Add target keywords in your video title and description
  • Don’t forget to mention target keywords in your YouTube videos. Saying target keywords in your videos will help YouTube understand what your content and channel is all about.
  • Improve your keyword research and target your audience effectively by using Google Adwords Keywords Planner.
  • Use tags in your video post, even in thumbnails. Tags are words or phrases which determine the context of your site, regardless of how they are arranged. Tags like any other keyword will boost your online presence, increasing your number of viewers and at the same time your subscribers.

Create YouTube videos playlists

Over time your YouTube videos will be all over your channel.

This is good.

But, if they’re scattered all over, it becomes difficult for your target audience to navigate through your channel and find the video they are looking for. 

Eventually, they will get frustrated and look somewhere else.

You don’t want that. For this reason, organize your videos in playlists.

It’s simple.

Just like you organize your songs in folders in your favorite music app, and give them a title, it’s the same technique as the one on YouTube.

Not only do playlists afford you the ability to organize your videos in a folder-like manner, but they also appeal to your viewers’ desire to binge-watch them.

Step it up a little by adding cool themes and popular videos.

Since playlists are good for YouTube SEO, you can organize videos with similar keywords and titles together with another with similar descriptions.

This way you create a perfect algorithm that catapults your videos to the top of search results when viewers search for your keywords, increasing your YouTube videos views and ultimately your number of subscribers too.

Extra Ways to Get more Youtube Subs

There are some other ways that, over time, can help you get more subscribers.

Here are some of these ways

Use the Auto Subscription link

Rather than sending people to your channel in the hope they click the subscribe button, put this at the end of your link


To use the above modifier, you must add it to end of your channel URL like so:

  1. Go to your YouTube url/channel name. This is an example of this.
  1. Copy and paste or type in the modifier ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of your channel name to look like this:
  1. Use this link which goes to your channel with a pop up that they ned to click to see your content. Once they do, they’ll be subscribed.

To make the link look nicer, Pretty Links works brilliantly for WordPress users.

Add your subscribe button to your thank you page

You should be using YouTube for Lead generation as it’s one of the best traffic sources if done right.

Here is a video on this:

Naturally, when people opt-in to get your lead magnet, they’ll be redirected to a thank you page like the image below.

This is a perfect chance to get some more subscribers by adding a button that asks them to subscribe.

Add your subscribe button to your website

Whenever someone visits your website you’ll want to give them at last an option to subscribe to your channel like the example below:

get YouTube Channel Subscribers

To get this widget, you first need to go here:

Enter your channel name or ID and if correct, it should populate automatically.

From there, just copy the code and paste it onto a page or place on your website that allows for it.


Growing a YouTube channel from scratch can be challenging, but it’s doable.

With persistence and the guide above, your channel can reach and maintain an upward trajectory.

And in return, you should be rewarded with your ROI goals and even become an authority in your niche on the platform.

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