How To Create Review Videos

How To Create Review Videos

Last updated on January 12, 2021

In the early days of online marketing, brands were able to toot their own horns and earn the trust of their target customers.

Today, customers no longer fully trust brands’ marketing messages.

In a HubSpot study, 55% of respondents said that they now trust companies less than they used to.

And this number keeps dropping.

So who do customers trust? 

The answer is other customers.

We’ve seen increasing growth in people’s dependence on reviews and recommendations in their purchase decision process.

84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

While about 81% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends over those from companies. 

If your customers trust reviews so much, then your marketing efforts should be directed towards putting out as much positive review content as possible.

In this article, we’ll be explaining how to do this with videos. 

Review videos are very popular, and many internet marketers use them on different platforms like YouTube, brand websites, and social media.

This is because review videos offer proven benefits when included in a company’s marketing efforts. 

Benefits of Review Videos

Review videos explain to the audience better.

Users want more information about the various products that they consider buying.

The best way to understand how a product works and the available features before making a purchase is by finding a few reviews. 

While there are reviews in article format, videos can show them the product in a way that is more detailed than an article.

The creator of the video can explain the features of the products, test it in front of the camera, and check if it works as expected.

Of course, every niche is different, but the main concept is the same.

Video reviews are more detailed and informative than any other type of review.

Brand exposure

If you want to build a brand, these videos offer a decent strategy to gain attention from a targeted audience.

This involves users who may be interested in buying products in your niche because they searched for these products.

Some may convert immediately, while some of them will follow you on different platforms or just remember the name of the brand if they see it again.

The more exposure you get for your brand, the better results you will get in the long term.

Videos help to build trust 

When people see your videos and hear your opinion about different products in your niche, you will start building a reputation as an expert.

People trust experts, and you can get results faster if you do your research on each product and can give the information they want.

Building trust has multiple rewards for every content creator or marketer.

You can get more followers, engagement on your videos, new leads, and more sales, which is the final goal of every marketing strategy.

Product reviews can be profitable 

While the benefits listed above are for brands, you could also be an independent creator who makes review videos.

Many online marketers/creators create product reviews because they want to make money from their reviews directly.

The audience of these videos is really targeted, and the marketers can easily add a few affiliate links to a product page.

Videos have better viral power

Virality is not predictable nor easy to achieve.

But if there are many people who are interested in a specific product, it can get a lot of shares and views on the internet.

There are several factors that can influence the success of your videos. 

If we assume that your pool of potential buyers is large, you need to create a quality video review and promote it on different platforms.

Good timing can be extremely helpful as well.

As a content creator, creating one of the first reviews on a specific product could give you a better chance of visibility or even virality.  

How to Create Review Videos

As a business, I would advise that you do not use your branding too heavily in review videos.

It’s best to encourage your loyal customers to create review videos that offer an organic appeal.


You can work to make the needed resources available to them but stay away from scripted content.

Your target audience wants to know that these videos are real accounts of people’s experiences with your brand. 

You can also work with content creators and influencers who make a living from publishing review videos.

These creators have a good idea of what their audience wants, so they may be better detailed when explaining features or functionalities. 

If you’re a content creator, here is a guide (or checklist) on how to make a good quality review video. 

Choose a product of interest to your audience

The first step is to choose a product for your review.

If you plan to create many of these videos in the future and have the budget, you can choose an entire category of products.

What you choose will determine a few critical factors like the competition and the audience.

When you review a popular product, the chances are that many marketers have created similar videos.

So, you may not rank very high in the search results.

On the other hand, the traffic from highly searched products could find your video and push it upwards in the SERP.

The best way to achieve this result is by reviewing products (in your niche) that have gained a significant boost in attention recently.

Google Trends is one of the best tools to find such product searches.  

Outline the structure of the video 

A script or a cue page could make all the difference in the quality of your video.

In both cases, you have a plan for the video.

Storyboarding for video

You know what you’re supposed to say and the sections to emphasize.

It’s also harder to forget an important point when you’ve already noted it down.

If you try to figure it out while you film the video, it is possible to lose the message or structure behind the video. 

Use good quality filming tools 

The quality of your videos portrays the quality of your brand.

And if you’re making a paid review video, you will also be portraying the quality of the advertiser’s brand.

With this in mind, your visuals and content should be of an impressive standard.

You don’t need all the high-end equipment to get started.

A good quality smartphone camera or DSLR camera should be enough.

How To Create Review Videos

If you can’t afford light tools, film outside or in front of the window when the sun is at its peak.

You can also get creative with your microphone and use one of the many free editing software available to put your work together. 

Put a face to the voice, if possible  

You have the option to show a product without showing yourself.

These videos can also work if you do a good job.

However, you will get the best possible results if you put yourself in front of the camera.

Viewers tend to trust people on the internet that they can see.

For this reason, many marketers add images of themselves, even on blogs and social media.

It’s all about building trust that will result in better results.

People buy things from people that they like, and it is easier to achieve this result when they can see you.

Explain everything

Your viewers want to learn the details of the product.

The best way to give them what they want is by explaining everything.

You can assume that they know nothing and help them to understand the product.

When they know how exactly it works and what to expect, they are more confident to take action.

Also, it’s important to mention the negatives of a product and not only the positives.

If your viewers buy a product and find issues that you did not mention in your video review, you may lose their trust. 

Lastly, you want to show them and not just tell them.

It’s easy to forget to show the things that you mention and explain.

It can confuse them or create even more questions.

When you show the features of the product or how it works, you can eliminate most of the questions and doubts regarding a product.

Add a Call-To-Action

Online creators and marketers should have a goal for every piece of content that we create.

Your goal may be to build an email list, improve brand awareness, or make direct sales.

However, the viewers of a video do not know your expectations for them.

By adding a call-to-action, they know what to do after the video stops playing.

How To Create Review Videos

For example, if you want to get sales from your video reviews, you can mention the affiliate link in the description section.

For subscribers or followers on social media, you can add the relevant link as well.

It’s completely fine to ask, at the end of the video, that viewers take a certain action. 

Publish on the right platforms

Ensure that your preferred platform(s) are also favored by your target audience.

Conduct your research beforehand to know where your audience ‘hangs out’ online.

The structure of your content also matters. Long-form videos tend to perform better on YouTube and Facebook.

Short videos do better on Instagram, and increasingly, TikTok.

Also, a rectangular video is better for YouTube, while square and vertical videos are better suited for social media apps. 

How to Improve the Reach of Your Review Videos

Publishing your review video is just one part of the work. Next, you will have to promote the video to improve its reach.

About 300 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube alone every minute.

Think of how much more goes online on other social sites.

If you don’t give your video the best chance possible, it may get lost in the noise. Here are a few tips on how to promote your review videos. 

Optimize for search engines 

Every platform has its own search engines with its unique algorithm rules.

Videos can get ranked on search engines and get traffic for a long time.

They could also never appear on the top search pages.


Whether you use YouTube, Google, Instagram, or other social platforms, take some time to study how their algorithms work.

You should learn a few tweaks that could make your videos perform better than they already do.

Keep in mind that these rules change often, so keep your ears open for notifications on algorithm changes in your preferred publishing channels. 

Share your videos more than once  

Upload your videos to as many relevant platforms as you may have access to.

You can also break up the content to highlight different sections.

This way, you’re passing along new information with each upload, even though it’s technically the same video.

Quantity works on social media because of the big number of users and posts.

The more content you create, the better your chances of reaching a wider audience.

Use interesting titles and descriptions 

A captivating title can make a huge difference in your engagement metrics.

If we assume that the quality of the videos is good enough, the titles and descriptions can improve the clicks to your videos.

Your titles should not be misleading because it would create the wrong results.

However, you can include power words, numbers, and try to create emotions with your copy.

On some platforms, you can add thumbnails that help the visitors to understand more about the video.

This is another opportunity to get more clicks by using relevant images and quality graphics.

Engage with your audience 

Social network platforms allow you to engage with other people.

You can read their reactions to your videos, answer questions, and provide further information.

This is an opportunity to add even more value.

Engagement is important because you prove to the audience that there’s a real person behind the brand or the account.

This human connection is important for establishing trust.  

Fake Reviews

Despite all that we have written about so far, the internet is, unfortunately, full of fake reviews.

Many people who review a product have not actually seen it, and are only trying to get an affiliate commission.

While this is unavoidable, potential buyers should do as much due diligence as possible.

After watching a video, you can then read both the 5 star and one star reviews on Amazon if this is where the product is sold.

if the video is reviewing a digital offer or something not on Amazon, then there are clues to whether the video really has your best interests at heart.

Things to watch out for

An unnatural view count.

There are many videos online that have several thousand views while other videos for the same product have a few hundred.

For products that are not so well known, it’s not possible for the view count to be what is is on some videos.

Add to that the hundred plus likes and it’s easy to spot a faker.

Many black hat marketers use tools or services to bloat the view count and even go as far as using proxy accounts to write their own comments using fake personas in the hope that you’ll be tricked out of a commission.

Now, the other argument is this method helps smaller brands get to the top of the search engines to put good offers in front of people’s eyes.

Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to make the choice as to whether they want to buy or not.


The scope of video marketing grows with each day.

Right now, customers want to hear the truth about brands from other customers.

They’re even willing to give their trust at face value as long as the person speaking is just another everyday consumer.

As a brand or content creator, this offers you a whole world of marketing possibilities.

Using video reviews, you can reach these potential customers, speak the language that they understand, and achieve your marketing targets.

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